Thursday, 25 June 2009


Into work late this morning as I have a meeting in town, which gives me the opportunity to share the contents of my Persephone packages! (its going to be a short day as the college has its big three-yearly ball tonight and we have to clear out of college and lock the library down at 4pm!) I love the bookmarks that come with the Persephone titles - I'd not bought one from the Persephone shop so that is a novelty for me. I spent a large part of yesterday evening rearranging my books.

Which makes me want to ask - do you think Persephone books should be kept separately, for aesthetic purposes, or integrated, for organisational ones?

In fact, I think I'll overdose on Persephone porn with a picture of the bottom of my tbrbc which has a lot of Persephone awaiting me....
- it's not the entire collection, I think I have about 6 or 7 amalgamated in my main alphabetical sequence which I have read - see if you can spot them below. The other books on that shelf are the lovely new Emma Smith - The Maiden's Trip (far left), and the complete Greyladies collection on the right. I've mentioned them before and I think Persephone lovers might enjoy them. I haven't got as far as reading any of them yet, but I am looking forward to doing so. Greyladies are a fairly new imprint specialising in vintage crime, school stories for adults, and books by children's authors for adults - the last is especially appealing. The books aren't quite as beautiful as the Persephone books

I think I've actually got all of the Persephone titles that I want now; I've read most of the others that I'm interested in in different editions from the public library (although obviously for completist sake I'd love a full set!) So this should make it a bit easier if I pop into the shop next week not to break my no-books 6-weeks and just come out with the bag or notebook... I'm felt a bit sad as I put London child on last night that I won't be adding any more books for a while, but it might give me a chance to catch up with a bit of my backlog.

Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. I have never read a Peresphone book, but before you get too upset - I do own two, and hope to read one soon.

    Which is your favourite so far?

  2. Lovely, lovey books!

    As an owner of a Persephone shelf of my own I maintain that the should have a space of their own, the same for Viragoes; in terms of keeping track of the collections it is logical and also aesthetically pleasing.

    I adore the bookmarks! If you look at my posts for April you will find a bookmarks meme where I have a beautiful photograph of my Persephone bookmarks. Have you received the biannually and catalogue, if you haven't bought from the shop?

  3. Hi both,
    I loved Miss Buncle's book, and I loved a Far Cry, and I loved a House in the Country. I'd already read London Child and Saplings but they are also favourites. Dorothy Whipple is probably my favourite author. As you can see, I've still got a stack to get through. Which 2 do you own Jackie?
    It is logical and aesthetically pleasing, but the librarian in me wants alphabetical order. It's quite fun seeing what they end up next too - and actually Saplings has ended up next to a Far Cry! I love the photo of your bookmarks - I wonder if I can buy them separately for the ones I am missing. I got the biannually and the lovely catalogue a while ago as I asked to be put on the mailing list. What did you buy yesterday? And am I right in thinking that there is a Persephone mug?

  4. There was certainly a photograph of a mug that featured either in a biannually or a fortnightly letter but I don't think it's for sale; I believe actually that it was only Persephone colours, which they appreciated, but not actually Persephone although you could always ask when you visit the store.

    Also, as far as I am aware, you can be issued with replacement bookmarks.

    I'll be posting later this afternoon about my purchase yesterday :).

  5. Persephone porn! LOL!

    My thinking is aesthetics over the alphabet when the covers are so distintive, you could shelve them alphabetically within that group though.

  6. I have mine on a separate shelf. I just love the blue jackets all together (oh and in my header too!)

    You recieved a lovely pile of them - I want at least three of those.

    And thanks for mentioning the greyladies imprint - I will definietly check that one out.


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