Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lost and Found

This is a book-related post, but in a roundabout way... This DVD arrived at the cardigan establishment yesterday, it's a belated birthday present from my boyfriend (I asked him to pre-order it, but the release date got put back past my birthday, and then when it became available, Amazon omitted to post it, and then my boyfriend omitted to chase it up). I haven't yet watched it (we were still on the Tour de France DVD last night), but I saw it at Christmas and thought it was so beautiful that I had to own it. The animation Lost and Found is actually based on a beautiful book by Oliver Jeffers about a boy who discovers a lost penguin. The penguin is sad, and the boy thinks it is because he is so far from home, so decides to row him all the way back to the south pole. I don't think it will spoil the book or the DVD to tell you that when they get there the boy discovers that the penguin doesn't really want to be there, and is just looking for a friend. I shall be watching this every time I feel miserable as 25 minutes of cheering up.
Oliver Jeffers I think is a fantastic children's writer, and I'd recommend him to any of you who have young nieces and nephews to buy presents for. I bought How to catch a star for my small cousin after she enjoyed Lost and found, and her brother recently received The book-eating boy (although (excuse grouch) I never heard whether he even opened it). I had forgotten until writing this post, how much a fan of beautiful picture books I am. I will have to fish out my Angelina Ballerina and Racey Helps books and have a blog about those sometime soon.


  1. I will have to look out for his books for my nephews who so far have only received Dr Seuss books from me, which I hasten to add that they love but perhaps I should branch out some.

  2. Lol, I completely forgot about my small cousin's birthday and she ended up with Enid Blyton! Dr Seuss would have been much better Oliver Jeffers is best for the under-5s I think, which is frustrating as all of my boyfriends MANY nieces and nephews are past that point!

  3. Definitely must have a peek at my library's catalogue to see if we own Lost and Found. Children's literature is soooo colourful and well, pretty darn fantastic these days. My favourite children's author is Kevin Henkes.

  4. I've not come across Kevin Henkes, but will look out for him when I'm next browsing the children's dept of the bookshop (I always have to do that for present buying these days as I feel I'm a bit out of touch with children's literature).


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