Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Slight indiscretion...

A slight indiscretion I know, but I wasn't feeling hugely jolly at lunchtime, so after I'd met my boyfriend (which was lovely) and had the worst tuna sandwich in the history of tuna sandwiches, I made in the mistake (I wasn't feeling strong!) of wandering into the Oxfam bookshop in time. I had a lovely long chat with the woman at the till (who also used to be a librarian) and ended up with the above. I could have bought many more Viragos, so I was quite good. I mentioned that I wanted to read Hotel du Lac the other day, and although I've read The wedding group I wanted to own it in a green Virago. And The Edwardians is something I've also wanted to read for a while, and this is a lovely copy. I haven't yet read any Vita Sackville-West. I discovered Amanda Brookfield a few weeks ago and find her a nice light read, so perfect for summer reading. Penelope Lively is another favourite and this looks like an interesting read. Finally, A nice cup of tea and a sit down - this is the book of the hilarious website, and although I've had the book from the library, it's great to have my own copy. So there we go...

So that's my resolve gone. Particularly as I'm going to the Persephone shop tomorrow and as I said to my boyfriend...it's only polite to buy SOMETHING. The current state of the poor TBRBC below...


  1. Let's say that they're books for medicinal purposes. Have a lovely time at Persephone she says whilst green with envy.

  2. Great haul! I love charity shops!

  3. I've not even heard of The Wedding Group, that's the one I'm most jealous of! Might go and investigate Oxfam at lunch and see which Virago books have been left behind...

  4. Ahh, this was Oxfam books in Thame - well worth a visit! You're welcome to borrow the Wedding group as I've read it, but perhaps you are the sort of person who likes to own books that they read!

    PS: Darlene - definitely medicinal purposes!

  5. That's very kind, Verity, but I just don't know when I'd read it at the moment (in four book groups, stupidly, as well as having a pile to review) - plus, yes, I always end up buying books I've read, even if I've borrowed them, so I may as well just buy it!

    But I will be making a trip to Thame next time I can...

  6. Simon - I recommend Rumseys chocolate shop for hot chocolate or iced coffee if you are in Thame. Expensive, but very very nice. There were various other quite obscure Viragos in the shop; I think it has a slower turnover than either of the Oxford shops. (And, if you're into those sorts of things, the Steamer Trading Shop is brilliant for kitchen equipment and there's a Waitrose too!). I love Thame.


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