Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The fruits of my labours.

Excuse the dreadful pun. First up, jam making! I feel slightly scared by this, as surely jam making is something only my mother does! I, and my flat, are now covered in a strawberry goo, and smelling strongly of the same. It made far more than anticipated, my two jam jars were quite inadequate, so as I type, it is cooling in cereal bowls waiting to go into tupperware and be given to everyone we know. Picture one shows the saucepans (dual stirring!), picture two shows it nearly boiling over and emitting hot spits of jam, and picture three shows the finished products.

I've also now made a double batch of strawberry and clotted cream ice cream, strawberry frozen greek yoghurt, half a batch of frozen blackcurrant yoghurt (big faff trying to get blackcurrant pulp through sieve), and a batch of raspberry frozen yoghurt. We've also eaten strawberries raw. Not a bad result from £10.58!

But the piece de resistance has to be the blackcurrant clafoutis cakes I made in my new Le Creuset heart ramekins. I made this cake in a heart shaped tin for our anniversary this year, but I think this is even better! Kitsch I know! 2oz butter, 2oz sugar, 2 oz SR flour, 1 egg, 4 oz blackcurrants, and 2tbsp milk. Baked at 180C until done looking. (Recipe originally from Sainsburys magazine last year).


  1. Wow, you're really productive and everything sounds (and looks) scrumpcious! I've made freezer jam in the past and the kitchen would look as if there were a blood-letting. I'm embarassed to say that now I just buy it.

  2. Goodness! I am guessing that it isn't as stifling hot and humid there as it is here?!

    I have been coveting the Le Creuset heart ramekins for some time.

  3. It is stifling hot, I did the jam making in my swim suit! Hence being covered in a layer of pink goo...

    One day I will post a picture of all my heart shaped kitchen stuff...*blushes*.

  4. (in fact it was so hot earlier that the IC wouldn't quite set, but I think it'll be ok having gone into the freezer)


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