Sunday, 21 June 2009

Strawberry torte

I made this last night, an incredibly delicious strawberry torte. It's essentially a sponge cake (made half with almonds) filled before baking with fresh strawberries, which on cooking turn into a lovely sort of jam. I'm definitely making it again, and next time I'd put more strawberries in, as I only put about half the amount that the recipe specified, because it looked like a lot, and I'd forgotten that strawberries shrank.
I've also made some choc chip shortbread with a recipe that I rediscovered from an old Sainsbury's magazine that I'd not got around to making. It was interesting, as it involved using a combination of golden caster sugar and dark muscavado sugar (normally I'd use caster sugar in shortbread), and for the first time I made it in a tin, rather than cutting out shapes. Decided I need to get more use out of my flan tin, and plus the picture on the original recipe was made in a tin! It's still in the oven, as we've only just got back from 80th lunch excursion, so please excuse the lack of picture!


  1. Thanks for including the recipe! We have had such a cool Spring this year and the strawberries are going to be late. Are you going to be sharing any shortbread with your co-workers? My husband doesn't like it when I share my baking with anyone but him:)

  2. I should have brought some in I guess, but we are overwhelmed with chocolate from the students. I think my boyfriend might share some of the shortbread with his colleagues, but probably not! It was seriously yummy, so I shall have to make it again and post recipe and picture :) Already trying to think about what to make this weekend...


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