Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Too much excitement

There has been slightly too much excitement at work today for me to get my head around writing anything meaningful on either a book related or baking related theme although I have a few book related and baking related things to mention.
Everything got a bit chaotic when a student came downstairs to tell me that water was pouring through the ceiling. We have drips, but not deluges, so I went upstairs to see what I could do (ironically my senior colleague was at a disaster planning meeting). Water was indeed pouring in through the roof and down the walls. We moved all of a student's notes which were pretty wet (she stoically said that they related to yesterday's exams, not todays), moved a lot of books off the shelves and dried them with a J-cloth, and covered one of the shelves with some sheeting. I then found my library assistant coping with another leak downstairs; the water was dripping through from upstairs. There wasn't much more we can do, apart from wait for it to dry out. Until another downpour this afternoon saw us standing upstairs waiting to see what would happen. A similar amount of water came through, but luckily nothing was damaged since I'd masterminded its move earlier. We managed to get the maintenance team over to cover the rest of the bookshelves with sheeting, so we should be ok if we get more rain tonight.
On a baking related note, I was excited to learn that I have amassed over 100 points by contributing recipes and tips and photos (mainly of my baking) to the Beyond Baked Beans facebook page (they have a website too), and have been invited to join their team. I've also been rewarded with some money to buy some kitchen related equipment, so I've been having a browse on the John Lewis website. There isn't anything particular that we need at the moment, so it will be nice to spoil myself, maybe with some more baking things.
The car, in case anyone is interested, is going to take about a week to fix (which is not good as I needed it to drive to the hospital tomorrow - will have to rely on boyfriend and bus...). The man estimated the damage to be c.£1500 (eeek!), so I am lucky that I only have to pay £350 on the insurance. I also have to pay £500 for some other previous damage (again not me) which it wasn't worth making a claim for previously as I was under 25 and my excess was £600...
I'm planning a quiet evening - the boyfriend is out, so I shall have a good read of something relaxing. Not sure what yet! I did manage a mini lunchbreak (mainly spent trying on pink accessories for a wedding outfit I'm trying to put together), but I saw a copy of Edna O'Briens The Girl with Green Eyes, the second in her girls triology, which reminded me I'd bought but not read yet, so I might get that out tonight, and then something really easy - I still have 2 Rebecca Shaws from the library which would be relaxing. And I might rearrange my books...


  1. That's a lot to be going on all at the same time but when it rains, it pours. Sorry, couldn't resist:) Enjoy your quiet evening!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations on being selected to join the Beyond Baked Beans team. Enjoy spending the money!

  3. I have identified some gorgeous star and heart shaped silicon cup cake cases. I'm going to let my boyfriend spend the rest, as I have all of the kit that I need, but I know he thinks we need several "man" sort of things (a large frying pan, an omlette pan, large knives etc), which I think he regrets leaving with his ex.

    The library seems to have dried out, but there have been several heavy showers this morning, which have seen all of the library staff unanimously wandering around staring at the ceiling.

    My quiet evening was very quiet as I fell asleep.


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