Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Summer reading - part 1

I was reading the Sunday Times Culture Supplement last night and it had a feature devoted to summer reading, so I thought I ought to get my own thoughts down about summer reading. I'm not quite clear as to whether it is simply reading undertaken in the summer (and if so I'm not sure why we would read more in the summer than in the winter when the weather is horrid and we want to stay indoors more), or whether it is because most of us take time off work in the summer and thus have more time to read then. Or whether it is purely a marketing gimmick.
Anyway, I'm going with the second reason, and as I'm off work for the rest of this week and we have a weekend away at the end of it, I thought I'd write about what I'm planning to read this week. It's only roughly formed so far, and books will be selected from my tbrbc and the library pile since there is plenty on there to occupy me - I don't need to give in and use this as an excuse to buy more!
I was reading a book by Helen Humphrey's last night when I changed my mind and decided to treat myself to a Persephone book. So I decided this morning that the plan is to read a Persephone each weekday of this week - I haven't decided which yet (although today I have Brook Evans in my bag!), but it seems appropriate since I intend to visit the shop tomorrow.
I have extra reading time tomorrow, as I'll be getting the train to London for the day, so I intend to take Jane Gardam's A Long Way to Verona which I bought back in May and have been looking forward to.
In my suitcase for the weekend, I'm packing Rose Tremain's Swimming Pool Season (because that feels like an appropriate title as I intend to visit the outdoor pool each day this week - have just been today and it was such a relief to cool off), The spellbook of Listen Taylor (by Jaclyn Moriarty (colourful summertime cover), the new book by Patrick Gale called The whole day through (as it's set in Cornwall and I want to finish it so I can lend it to a friend), and possibly a few other things.
I found my boyfriend his summer reading yesterday - he asked for some sporty books so I got him Michael Phelps (swimmer)'s autobiography, a book about mountaineering, a book about the Tour De France, and a book by Lance Armstrong (cyclist). He seemed pleased with my choice, though I'm still keen on getting him reading one of my lovely Will Fiennes books as I am so sure he would enjoy them.

(BTW - summer reading part 2 will come when we have our proper holiday and I have to pack 10 days worth of books!)


  1. You can read a book a day! You're my hero. I love my 21-month old border collie but he seriously cuts into my reading time. Sounds like a fantastic week!

  2. Indeed! (to it sounding like a fantastic week/summer)
    Reading a Persephone a day would be wonderful but I simply find that I don't read that quickly or that I become easily distracted :(.
    I am planning my summer reading and will post shortly; there seem to be too many books on my list though!

  3. I can't quite keep up with the reviewing though now...so I may just have to post some pictures instead :) Looking after my boyfriend cuts into my reading time, but never mind!

  4. Have just finished Persephone #2 of the week, and very enjoyable it was too. I find I have to sit down for an hour or so in the early evening as I am so easily worn out at the moment, so reading is the only way to make me actually sit down. I get told off by my boyfriend if I am not sitting down when he gets in!


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