Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ice cream

I keep talking about the ice cream I've been making since I got my ice cream maker. So, this is the amazingly yummy (but extremely indulgent) strawberry clotted cream ice cream I made yesterday, served with gingerbread biscuits - you can't quite see but the spoon is also heart shaped!

And here is some raspberry frozen greek yoghurt that I mentioned a while ago (but made again tonight) churning round in the ice cream machine. This goes well with lemon madeira cake. It might also go well with almond or coconut macaroons.

I looked for a book about ice cream in the library at lunchtime, but they were all out, however, I came away with Rachel Allen's Bake which I'm looking forward to reading and finding something to make from. I think I've identified what I will make from Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, but that will probably be next weekend, as although I intend to bake something tomorrow night, it needs to involve strawberries!

Ooh, and the Ka saga is over - she's home! (I can now reunite myself with my welly boots and my Hits of 1996 CD). I also arrived home to four of my new Persephone books, somewhat appropriately since it is their birthday today. I was too eager to see what had arrived, as I would have taken a picture of the envelope to tantalise you, but you'll have to wait until the rest arrive for some Persephone visual delights. I'll leave you with a picture of my car before heading off to take the raspberry frozen yoghurt out of the machine and sit down with Authenticity.


  1. Happiness is a parcel from Persephone! I broke down and placed an order half an hour ago, so The Shuttle and They Knew Mr Knight will be on their way soon. The free book that I chose was A London Child of the 1870's. Your ice cream looks delicious by the way, how long does it take to make a batch?

  2. I thought you might ;)
    They knew Mr Knight is a good read (although I've not read it in the Persephone edition), and I've got The shuttle waiting. A London Child was one of my books too - it is one of my favourite books of all time, so I really hope you enjoy it.
    Ice cream takes about 30 minutes, depending on how much you make. This makes a very soft scoop, so I tend to then put it in the freezer for a few hours. (This is assuming that the plastic base unit has been in the freezer overnight beforehand). I am eating way too much ice cream at the moment! And it is all mainly pink (as you've probably guessed by now, pink is my favourite colour (and I would have got a pink car if one had been available!).

  3. I adored The Shuttle.

    I also see that we have the same car :). Well, kinda, my Ka is actually my mum's and is at home in Glasgow whilst my boyfriend does all the driving (to the supermarket and back) here.

  4. I love my Ka. My boyfriend has a massive Vectra and can't understand why I love it so much. It's so easy to park :) Now that my boyfriend lives in my flat, it feels like it's my only private space, so I keep lots of things in it (no books actually, mainly cds)(although I've often wondered if I should have an emergency book in the glove box - I've resorted to reading car manuals before when stuck in the car!)


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