Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Book buying break?

I had a look at my to-be-read-bookcase this am, and rather more significantly I counted the number of books on it. 86. Although it's down to 84 after I took two books with me to read on the train to London. Even at the rate at which I read, that nearly two months of reading. Plus the 20 or so books I have from the library. I know I'm paranoid about running out of reading material, but this seems excessive. I think the trouble is that I'm so excited about reading at the moment, that reading one book leads me onto others (by the same author, by the same publisher, by different authors). I do generally save book purchases for reading on holiday, but I don't think we've booked long enough for me to catch up.
However, some idiot has badly scraped my car (merely lef in the driveway of our block of flats), and I'm having to get it repaired. Boyfriend reckons it's about £700 of damage, so I've claimed on my insurance (extremely helpful young man at Direct Line), but there's still a £350 excess. Plus it's holiday season coming up and we're hoping to squeeze in an extra mini break amid all of our plans.
I'm not sure if I can do it though - who can resist a bargain in the Red Cross shop near where I work (e.g. a beautiful hardback of Andrew O'Hagan's Be Near Me for £1 or some tattered Mary Wesley's for 50p each)?
I wonder how big other people's tbr stacks are??


  1. My TBR stack seems to be infinite just now!
    Too bad about the car; I find that these things happen always at the worst possible times.

  2. I didn't last very long - shortly after posting I had an indiscretionary moment with Amazon...

  3. Sorry to hear about your car.

    Book buying is very addictive, especially when you find such bargains in the charity shop. I sell second hand books for a living so browsing charity shops/car boot sales is work for me. It also means I get exposed to lots of books I really want to read at prices I can't refuse!

    My TBR pile is massive. See here:

  4. I'm sorry about your car! I'm with you on being unable to resist a good book bargain, though. And my stacks are very very big, yet I just can't stop myself from buying more books.

  5. I think you are safe with 84, as I have nearly 600 unread books (yes, I am a bit obsessive):) Happy Blogging

  6. Gosh! 600 books! I only own 800+, so around 10% of mine are unread. Mind you, there's probably at least 600 books I'd love to read but don't own yet...


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