Monday, 15 June 2009

Persephone offer

I know various people, like myself, are big Persephone fans, so you might be interested in the contents of this email I've just received... I told my boyfriend that I was having a book buying moratorium after payday tomorrow (embarassing cash flow crisis at the mo, involving me emptying out my piggy bank to buy lunch today and having to borrow £10 to get to London yesterday), until the beginning of August, but there is today, and there is my credit card...

15th June 2009

Dear Persephone Reader,

This year is our tenth birthday and we are celebrating on Thursday (18th June). We invited you, in the last Biannually, to a party in Lamb's Conduit Street to mark the occasion, but want to remind you again by email: all are welcome and we will be serving champagne and cups of tea all day plus cheese scones for elevenses, salads for lunch, brownies and cup cakes for tea and canap├ęs for the evening.

Also, for this week only there is a special offer of three books for the price of two ie if you buy two books you may have a third free of charge. This applies in the shop on Thursday only but on the website all this week. (The offer also applies to readers abroad, although the third book will be sent surface mail even if the other two are sent airmail.) If you would like to take up this special offer on the internet please order and pay for two books as usual, but write ‘free book please' and the title of the third book you would like in the Additional Info box on the website.

Finally, if you have not already discovered it, do bookmark the new Persephone Post. It changes every weekday and Persephone readers are finding it a fun thing to have in their list of favourites.

We do hope to see some of you in the shop at some point during the day on Thursday.

Best wishes

Nicola, Lydia and Genevieve


  1. I received the email too and have been sitting feeling depressed that I can't take advantage of it! I had a feeling that they would offer 3 for 2 for their birthday.
    Ugh, it is not a good time financially for me to indulge and I'm very upset about it; there's a few titles that I have my covetous eye on.
    Please post about what you end up buying because then I can indulge vicariously!

  2. I will do tonight, it fits in with the other things I wanted to write about today (I'm going to have to leave Cherry Cake and Ginger beer for a bit, probably until I cook something out of it)...I'm feeling really guilty about it, it ended up being a 6 for 4...

  3. I am Virago green with envy! Lucky you. Looking forward to your post with the details.

  4. I received their email this morning and being ever so practical, thought of the 10 Persephone titles that I have stacked on my TBR pile. While doing some vacuuming just now my mind keeps drifting to the titles that I haven't bought yet. Why, oh why do they do this to us!


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