Thursday, 24 February 2011

Forever friends cards

Back in December when I was busy preparing for Christmas, I also did some non-Christmassy card-making which I didn't get around to blogging about because it didn't fit into all of the Christmas posts that I was writing! I treated myself to a Papercraft magazine in the middle of November because it came with a kit to make some Forever Friends cards (you will by now know my love of the cute little bears). Previously when I have done decoupage, I have pressed shapes out of ready made kits, but these had to be cut out by hand (which was surprisingly relaxing). The kit also came with some coloured papers and suggestions for how to theme them (although I like crafting I am not terribly creative and prefer to do things which involve following instructions) so all I needed to do was supply some blank cards (which I had leftover from my Christmas card making) and some of those little decoupage pads. I was really happy with the results! (I also really enjoyed reading the magazine which had some good ideas for card-making which I may pursue in due course).

Now I need to remember that we have these cards to use rather than buy cards!


  1. These are adorable. We love making cards at our house - sending snail mail to people is an almost forgotten treat. :)

  2. These look lovely.... I really enjoy messing about (making is too strong a word) with crafts... Haven't heard of that mag but will look it up when I go to B&N next time...

    People love snail mail - esp fun little cards... Good for you!

  3. Lovely Cards of a lovely bear. But I have never wanted to cross stitch him - strange!


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