Monday, 7 February 2011

Save libraries

Saturday was #savelibraries day; I wasn't intending to blog about it, but since it's been mentioned by many of my favourite bloggers I thought I would add a post. Oxfordshire seems to be one of the worst areas threatened by cuts with 20 of the 43 libraries in the county being threatened with closure. There were various read-ins happening, and although I didn't make it to any of them, I did do my bit.

K is starting a new job on Monday near Didcot, and because I like to be able to envisage where he is, he took me over to see the outside of the offices. As we'd never been to Didcot library before, we stopped off there on the way home. "Library tourism" is one of my favourite Saturday afternoon pastimes, partly because it is free, and also because I have a professional interest in seeing different libraries and how they are run. Over the past year, we've visited a number of libraries around Oxfordshire, Thame, Headington, Neithrop, Wantage, Botley, Kidlington and now Didcot. I was really quite impressed by Didcot library which has obviously been recently refurbished; it was smart and clean and tidy, and there was an excellent selection of books. Sadly, my card was almost maxed out already, due to several library trips during hte week, but we had K's ticket and between us took out 17 books, which means that we now have FORTY library books at home. That'll keep me busy for a bit!

Here's my loot - as you can see a nice mix of books, cookery books, a travel guide to Austria (which disappointingly only has a paragraph on the place we're going to for our wedding).


  1. 'Library Tourism' I think you have a niche guidebook up your sleeve there Verity. I like ot look in an Early Years Garden if I walk past a school...

  2. I'm fond of library tourism too! I love looking at the different displays they each come up with :-)

  3. Oooh I have Secrets of a Family Album sitting in my TBR pile, you shall have to let me know what you think!

  4. Joan - Library tourism is brilliant! Always different selection of books.

    Jackie - I'm not so interested in the display unless it means different/new books!

    Dot - I think it is buried at the moment but hope to get to it soon.

  5. Can you take them back to any library then?


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