Friday, 18 February 2011

Valentine's Day Sachertorte

I mentioned yesterday that I spent my morning off making a sachertorte for a belated Valentine's Day treat. Sachertorte is particularly apt as we will be getting married in Austria this August, and although we will not be going to Vienna, where the original Cafe Sacher is located, we will be spending two days in Salzburg en route to our wedding, and I have found out that there is a branch there!

The original recipe is a closely guarded secret so I had to try to decide what recipe I would use. There are many out there, from complex patisserie style recipes to Delia and Mary Berry versions. In the end, although I was planning to use Delia, I went with the recipe from the Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea book. If I'm honest, it was a lot more effort than the cakes I usually make are - I lost count of the number of mixing bowls I needed to use by the time I had separated eggs, melted chocolate and made the covering. But it was quite special, and my finishing touch was to surround it with some heart shaped fairy lights.

I won't dare to make it again after K has sampled the real thing!


  1. Sounds like a far too hectic recipes for my cooking skills. I hope he liked it!

  2. I am feeling very inadequate at the moment. If that gorgeous piece of scrumptious delight tastes half as good as it looks...well done!

  3. I love Sachertorte but am always so intimidated by all the effort it takes to make! Very impressive work on your part!

  4. I have never heard of it until seeing you post about it. It looks devine!

  5. I am encouraged by the amount of bowls you needed to use - it sounds and looks like a very authentic recipe to me. I'm going to buy the book now ......

  6. Most impressive. I do love the original and I trust yours was just as good. You will love Salzburg.

    Lucky you, getting married in Austria! We had our honeymoon in the Austrian Alps last year and it was just stunning. We spent a day in Innsbruck as well, where we also located some Sachertorte :)


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