Monday, 28 February 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend: Photo competition answers

I had a HUGE number of entries for my photo competition which seems to have been very much enjoyed (I shall definitely do this again next time!)...but before I reveal the winners on Monday evening I thought you might like to see the answers :)

1. Saplings
2. Tea with Mr Rochester
3. Few Eggs and No Oranges
4. The Blank Wall
5. To bed with Grand Music


  1. Yay! I got them all. I had to think about No. 2 a bit and No. 4 had me stumped and I had to go through the catalogue. This was great fun and so clever and cute! Thank you!

  2. That was great fun Verity and I got them all too though I had to have the Persephone web site open. I am delighted to tell you that my very first Persephone arrived about ten minutes ago -- "Few Eggs and No Oranges".

  3. This was such a fun quiz and I burst out laughing at Tea with Mr Rochester. Well done, Verity!

  4. Thanks for posting the answers, Verity. I must admit that for the ones I didn't know the answers to straight off, I flicked through the Persephone Biannually for inspiration.

  5. I would not have thought of nr 2, somehow I kept thinking of something like "homegrown". But it was a fun competition, even if I did not take the time to participate and sent in my answers, I did enjoy looking at the pictures and thinking of my own answers :)

  6. I felt proud of myself, as it only took me about a second on each one to get the right answer ;) I think I know Persephone too well...

  7. I loved doing this competition -- I ended browsing the catalog for a long time too, long after I'd found the answers lol


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