Friday, 25 February 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend: Roundup #1

Persephone Reading Weekend has got off to an absolutely fantastic start - there have been a huge number of posts already, and so without further ado, it's time for me to share them with you so that you can go round and see what everyone else has been reading and perhaps get some inspiration as to which Persephone Book you want to read next. Don't forget to enter our competitions (my photo competition and Claire's Temporarily Missing competition)

Darlene got a head start with The closed door and other stories and I look forward to seeing her review, and Books as food couldn't resist dipping into The Carlyle's at home.

Inspiration is likely to come from Rachel's post at Book Snob where she provides us with A Persephone for every occasion - a wonderful list of some Persephone books and when you might want to read them.

Joan from Flowers and Stripes gives us some quotes from Miss Buncle's book (which is one of my favourites), which she recieved as part of her Persephone secret santa.

JoAnn has taken her participation to the extreme - she is flying into London tomorrow and will be visiting the Persephone shop!

Sophie from An Embarassment of Frivolities talks about her plans to read the Nemirovsky short stories, and hopes they will provide relief from her wisdom tooth pain. Simon from Savidge Reads has a Persephone ready, and kindly mentions the weekend, as does Thomas from My Porch.

There is a generous giveaway:
Karen from Books and Chocolate is giving away a copy of Fidelity by Susan Glaspell - you need to identify some of the Persephone endpapers.

And there have been lots of reviews (everyone has obviously got ahead with their reading!):
Claire at Captive Reader has read House-bound which she describes as "paint[ing] a fascinating picture of mid-war life, both in terms of daily domestic life and social conventions"
Paperback Reader Claire, my co-host, reprises her review of Still Missing.
Teresa at Shelf-love finds the ideas in the Home-maker still relevant today even though it was written in 1924 but found that it left her feeling rather sad; I recently re-read this one and would certainly agree with her.
Vivienne at Serendipity has read Saplings and finds that Streatfeild's adult novels live up to her memories of Streatfeild's children's books, albeit somewhat darker.
Motheretc has read her very first Persephone book, and it was Making of a marchioness which she "picked up by chance" and thoroughly enjoyed.
Karen at Books and Chocolate knew that she had to read another Whipple for the weekend and read Someone at a distance; although she thinks that endings are not Whipple's strongest point she greatly enjoyed the characterisation and will be forcing this on her mother so that they can discuss it together!

As I said this morning, my fingers are quite sore, so I'm sadly not going to be able to do comments but I am reading and enjoying everyone's posts :)

Claire will have round-ups for you on Saturday, while I rest my fingers, and I will be back on Sunday...Please don't forget to leave links to our welcome posts to ensure that your posts make it into our roundups!


  1. What a busy and fantastic day! Thank you for all of your hard work in rounding up all of these lovely posts. Now rest those fingers Verity!

  2. These round up posts make it so much easier to find out what everyone is doing. Thanks for being so fantastic.

  3. A great roundup - thank you, Verity! I hope your fingers are recovering. I've left a link on Claire's welcome post to my review of 'Cheerful Weather'. Looking forward to tomorrow's posts!

  4. Rest those fingers! Hope they're feeling better Verity. Thank you again for organizing all this with Claire!

  5. Thank you so much to you and Claire for your hard work in organizing all this, Verity! So excited the weekend has started :)

  6. This is such a fun event! I am going to sit down tonight with Mariana-loving it so far!

  7. Just stopping in to say 'hello' before sitting down with my book...which I have to say is pretty fabulous!

  8. Thanks for the roundup, Verity! I did a review today but left the link on Claire's blog. Here's the link: . Thanks!

  9. Enjoying the posts and round up! Thanks.

  10. I'm a late entry here: Thanks for hosting!


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