Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend: Pre-Weekend Excitement

So many people have been getting excited about the upcoming Persephone Reading Weekend, not just in the comments on Claire and my reminder posts on Sunday, but also posting on their own blogs, so I thought I'd do an advance roundup so that you can all have a look at people's plans as half of the fun of the weekend seems to be in the choosing of books and seeing what other people are reading.

Fleur Fisher has Decisions Decisions...
Cristina at Rochester Reader is Preparing for Persephone
Karen at Books and Chocolate is also making Decisions, decisions! (and is kindly planning a giveaway)
Claire at Captive Reader asks What to read?

And Girl Walks Into a Bookstore is kindly offering a prize copy of the latest Mrs Oliphant book to be published by Persephone books last Autumn; do pop over there and enter, as the competition closes on Saturday!


  1. I am enjoying all of the pre-weekend excitement!

  2. I am looking forward to this, though I have started my book already!

  3. I just picked up my book this afternoon. Luckily I'm reading something I'm enjoying right now, so I can hold off for a bit!

  4. Verity, I began Monica Dickens' "Mariana" for... sigh... the second time. Somehow it didn't take the first time. But this must have been the right moment because I'm quite enjoying it as you will all see this weekend!

  5. Very excited to be participating! I've never read a Persephone before though I've heard so much about them.

  6. My re-read decision was made today, "Tell It to a Stranger" by Elizabeth Berridge.


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