Thursday 1 October 2009

The Fell Farm books (Marjorie Lloyd)

On my recent trip to the Lake District, the first time I had visited the area, I was almost beside myself with excitement at seeing the scenery which I only knew from books, and which I had encountered as a child in Marjorie Lloyd's Fell farm series. Having grown up in Devon where the countryside is lined with hedges, it was fantastic to see dry stone walls dividing the fields, and the beautiful fells.

I asked the other day which children's books should be brought back into print, and I would love to see Marjorie Lloyd's books made available once more. I've only been able to read her Fell Farm books, which belonged to my Mum as a little girl, but they are lovely stories, beautifully illustrated, and combine adventure with family fun and descriptions of the scenery.

There are three titles in the series, Fell farm holiday, Fell farm Christmas, and Fell Farm Campers, and each are about the Browne family - twins Pat and Kay, twins Hyacinth and Jan and little Sally. Mum and Dad are abroad, and so they are sent to spend their holidays with Mr and Mrs Jenks in the Lake District. The story centres around their activities whilst there - treks over the fells in hob nailed books, consumption of vast teas... Some of the books are told in diary form, with each character taking turn to tell.


  1. Those sound wonderful! I hope they do go back into print soon, partly for selfish reasons, as I'd love to read them.

  2. My boyfriend remembers Fun on Fell Farm as being a title from the series. Is he mistaken? Was there such a title? I can't find any Fun on Fell Farm title and cannot figure out whether he has made up his own title and is actually remembering one of these three. Or perhaps one of the three you mentioned was published under such a title? Can you help? I'd love to gift him one as he has fond memories of it! Thank you.

  3. I read Fell Farm Campers as a child and it left me with a lasting soft spot for the Lake District. I couldn't remember the title until today when I found it using Google and was delighted to see a photo of the front cover on this site.


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