Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Bake of the week : Coconut cake

This week's bake came again from the BBC Good Food 101 Bakes and Cakes, and it was a seriously yummy Coconut cake. It was a coconut sponge; essentially a victoria sponge recipe with added dessicated coconut and some coconut cream, sandwiched with raspberry jam and topped with buttercream icing which contained more coconut cream. The recipe suggested putting buttercream in the middle as well, but here at the B Files, we have to watch our waistlines (or at least, my boyfriend does); it didn't seem to adversely affect the cake. I sprinkled the top with more dessicated coconut, but another time I think I'd actually put some in the buttercream.

Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo, my blood sugar was very low when I tried to take the picture and my hands wouldn't stop shaking! I needed a piece of cake but had to try to photograph it first. The pink around the edge of the plate by the way is my new seriously funky pink scarf, bought for the cold fronts that have come in since last week.


  1. Another superb cake! Coconut is one of those flavours that I never crave but once I get a taste I really enjoy it.

    Don't you just hate the whole low blood sugar issue? I'm the same way and never go anywhere without snack bars or almonds in my bag.

    Love the scarf, Verity!

  2. We'd forgotten how much we enjoy coconut - I'm wondering about a coconut and raspbery jam flapjack now...

    I suffer dreadfully from low blood sugar, although it has got better since I gave up caffeine. Still, some cake was a quick way to solve the problem, hehe!

  3. Now THAT is a cake I shall be baking this weekend! Thanks Verity!

  4. I love coconut, but am the only one in the family that does. Wish I could drop by for a cup of tea and a slice of this!


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