Friday, 30 October 2009

Book buying update #2

This week I'll admit has been hard. Last week, despite postal strikes, there were still a few books ordered from the internet trickling in to cheer up my return from work. I also had a lovely parcel of Muriel Spark books from Virago.

This week there have been no parcels. And this is as much a result of the non-essential spending/book buying ban as the postal strike. I have been sorely tempted three times to buy books:
- Familiar Passions (Nina Bawden) was something I came across when looking for wedding themed reading that would also fit into my Virago Venture. But no library copies. Plenty for 1p on Amazon, but by the time that you factor in postage, it is £2.76. And while it is only £2.76 I've learnt that these can add up very quickly.
- Legend of a suicide (David Vann) reviewed by Jackie on Farm Lane Books. I have never encountered a novel about suicide, which is an issue quite close to my heart, and would love to read this. But no copies in my library.
- Murder at the Flood (Mabel Esther Allen) is the latest Greyladies title. I didn't know that they had issued another title (I collect this imprint), but the bookseller who I buy them through emailed me to tell me about it. It was very hard to email back and say that I am not buying anymore books at the moment.

However, there is extra impetus to my non-essential spending lark. My partner has resigned from his job, and we're not quite sure what we're going to do next, so it is sensible to watch the pennies especially carefully for the next few weeks.

And the bright side I suppose is the existence of the library. I had three good trips last week and came away with a whole lot of library loot. I've let myself make some reservations too, and these have been trickling in this week which has been exciting.

The TBR bookcase doesn't really seem to be diminishing as I've had all of the library books to occupy me and taken the opportunity to reread some old favourites. But I did manage to have a clearout of my main bookshelves and sent 25 books off to Oxfam books in Thame with my partner on Monday.

5 more weeks of the challenge to go.


  1. Good luck with the book buying ban - imagine the rush you'll get when you finally find a copy of these books in the library - you may have to wait a few months, but I think you will enjoy them all the more for having waited to get your hands on them!

  2. I managed to weed around twelve books from my bookcase to drop into the discard bin at the libary. You've done a great job of steering clear of book purchases Verity, I know it's not easy but again, well done!

    Best of luck to Ken and the opportunities ahead.

  3. Thanks for the support.

    Jackie - I doubt Greyladies titles will make it to the library ever, and Familiar Passions is out of print. But I have started a Christmas list!

    Darlene - excellent work weeding! I got rid of two more last night (well, they are still waiting for Ken to go to the charity shop).

  4. I blame the royal mail and my missing parcels for the ten books that I bought at the weekend! I don't know why this blame should be portioned their way but it does feel fitting!

    Well done for being much better than me hee hee!

  5. Simon - TEN books! Well, it is good to have something to blame it on. Actually, I think the postal strke is helping me as I don't want to buy books from the internet and them not to arrive!

  6. You're doing brilliantly with not buying books! I'm not sure I'd have the strength to resist the latest Greyladies. A friend gave me "Lady of Letters" when I was in Edinburgh last year and I swallowed it in one go on the plane ride home.

    Best wishes to you and your partner.

  7. Makedo - it was so hard to resist. I have all of their other titles and know this would be perfect for Christmas holiday reading. If I manage to keep my finances under tight rein I may treat myself in the middle of December to that.


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