Monday, 7 September 2009

Persephone Reading Week: Final prize award

I do want to say thank you all once again for participating in Persephone week, I'm only sad that I missed the end of it by going on holiday! I was especially excited however to return to an invitation to the bookshop for cake; Nicola has been hugely supportive of our challenge, and Claire and I have done a comprehensive round up of posts and finally, after much deliberation chosen our favourite.

We loved Booksnob's Latecomer post, because of the way it summed up so much of what we feel about Persephone books and mirrored the love of the books which had led us to hold the week.

Rachel, if you email your details to Claire, she will get the book out to you!

We would also like to give a special mention to the following posts, which you must have a look at if you missed them earlier.

Fleurfisher's What is a Persephone book and her very generous giveaway.
Stuck in a book's post featuring baking from one of the books
Book Psmith's bookmarks
and Darlene's reading corner.

Review wise we loved:
Nymeth's review of Saplings
Claire's Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary
Swati's Round about a pound a week
and Tracey on The wise virgins

I could mention so many more posts, but I have lots of washing to get on with! Can't wait for another Persephone reading week :)


  1. Thanks, Verity, and thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed this week as much as we did. Here's to the next one!

    Congratulations, Rachel!

  2. Congratulations to Rachel! She so deserves to win. That's a gorgeous, gorgeous post.

    Thanks again, Claire and Verity, for the wonderful week!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a surprise! I just popped over to see if you were back from holiday and instead I found this! Thank you so much, I am so touched and so excited! That makes two Persephone books I've won over the week and I am just over the moon, I have never won anything before! This really has cheered up my Monday morning at work!

    Thank you again, you ladies are so generous and I am so flattered that you liked my post enough to give me the prize!!

  4. I forgot to mention what the prize is - it's A London Child in the 1870s which is one of my very favourite books.

  5. Rachel, I hope you enjoy both A London Child and Little Boy Lost.

    Mondays -and such a miserable Monday at that- deserve prizes.

  6. Hooray! Last night, while doing the washing up, my mind wandered to that wonderful post of Rachels. My hand went to my heart as I read it. It was so kind of you to mention my reading corner as well, thanks to both you and Claire for all your efforts.

    Well done Rachel!!!

  7. Thank you for the mention.
    I enjoyed The Persephone Week a lot, and through reading everyone's reviews I now have a wishlist as long as my arm! I can't wait for you and Claire to repeat the challenge.


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