Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm back!

Back from Cornwall and back to blogging (ish) - I did pop in a couple of times and loved seeing the rest of the posts from Persephone week. Claire and I have been in consultation about our favourite posts and I'll be announcing the winner sometime tomorrow. Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and participation.

Just before I left, I thought that perhaps I should have run some competitions in my absence where you could place bets on a) how many books I read while I was away, b) how many books I bought while I was away and c) how many books arrived at my house while I was away. The answers are 18.5 (I've got a half read book to finish tonight), 0 (unless you count the map I bought of the Bude area so we could do a walk at Boscastle without getting lost), and 2 (1 expected, and 1 a surprise from Canongate).

Of the books I took with me (here they are piled up in the holiday home, next to my boyfriend's reading pile)...

...I read....
  • Fortnight in September (Sheriff) - last Persephone week read.
  • Head girl's difficulties (Brent-Dyer)
  • Zennor in Darkness (Dunmore)
  • Fixing Kate (Murphy)
  • Excellent women (Pym)
  • Maiden's trip (Smith)
  • Well tempered clavier (Coles)
  • The tent, the bucket and me (Kennedy)
  • Surf Nation (Wade) - from my boyfriend's pile
  • A chiltern adventure (Allen)
  • A cast of smiles (Brookfield)
  • The great lover (Dawson)
  • Flight of the maidens (Gardam)
  • The sea lady (Drabble)
  • Tales from an island (Atkins)
  • Guppies for tea (Cobbold)
  • School on cloud ridge (Allen)
  • Guernsey literary and potato peel society (Shaffer)
  • Summer's Day
The stand out reads were Fortnight in September, Zennor in Darkness and The sea lady.

I hope to write about some of these in due course...

I also read a wonderful book called The well and the mine, which Virago sent me to review the night before I left, and I will DEFINITELY be writing about that this week.

The b files will continue to be a little sporadic - I'm off to a Rare Books conference in Cambridge Weds-Fri and then off to the Lake District for my Great North Swim which I'm quite nervous about as I haven't had a chance to have a proper swim all week, although I have been battling with my wetsuit and acquiring a warming layer of fat by consuming plenty of clotted cream. But I shall post when I can and look forward to doing some more baking soon!


  1. Wow...18.5! Look forward to seeing what you thought of them. Best wishes for the swim.

  2. Welcome back! That is quite the reading quote; I don't read that many in a month.

    Good luck with the swim! The clotted cream indulgences will come in so handy and perfectly excusable in their practicality ;).

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading what you have to say about the books that you read. Best of luck to you on your swim, very clever thinking regarding the clotted cream. The conference sounds quite amazing as well Verity!

  4. It was good; the first three days we didn't do very much as my boyfriend was so tired, so I got off to a good start. I'm never going to manage to blog about all of them though!

  5. Wow, 18.5 in that little time! Don't know how you do it.. welcome back!

  6. Verity HOW do you manage to read so many books so quickly?! I only manage one a week these days!

    Glad you had a lovely time and that you got lots read!


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