Wednesday 16 September 2009

Bake of the week: Birthday cake

It is my boyfriend's birthday today and I've just spent the early part of the day making his birthday cake and decorating the flat for when he gets home. The cake is BBC Good Food's White and Dark cake which I've been longing to make for ages. Unfortunately, the dark cake broke in half when I cut it (hadn't discovered the trick to cutting cakes in half which is to hold them horizontally) but it still looked good when cut!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ken!

    You NEED to look at the Persephone Post today - it's fabulous.

    I bought Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers today for my nephew, after your review :).

  2. P.S. Oh, and I've just read Persephone's fortnightly letter so look at that too!

  3. Happy Birthday from Ontario, Ken!

    Everything looks delicious, a bit of death by chocolate. The best kind!

    Lovely building across the road from you Verity, I would love to see architecture like that every day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ken! Everything looks so festive!

  5. Thanks for the messages Claire - all very exciting! Excitement here too as I got a copy of The echoing grove in the library withdrawals for 20p, plus another Virago volume of Maya Angelou, absolutely pristine, also 20p. Made up for the disappointment of finding the Oxfam shop in Thame shut.

    Darlene - we have wonderful views out, but our block of flats is a 1970s monstrosity. It has won awards, but I always think we have a far better deal than everyone on the other side who has to sit and look out at us.

    JoAnn - festive indeed. I wanted balloons too but don't have enough puff.

  6. Cake looked much better when cut so have posted a picture of a slice of it. Yum yum!


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