Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Away again

Yes, it was time to pack my suitcase again yesterday as I'm off to Cambridge for a Rare Books conference. I'm quite nervous about going since I received a bursary to attend, and will have to write a report on it afterwards. I don't know many of the other delegates and I've never been to a conference or even Cambridge before. Some of the programme looks really fun- such as a reception in Cambridge's main bookshop, Heffers, hehe, as well as the visits to various libraries, and it will be interesting to hear the speakers.

Anyway, I am lucky enough to be able to drive to the conference and have packed my suitcase full of books. Just. In. Case. (I went to a summer school last year and had to travel by train, so couldn't take my laptop and only packed 4 books. There wasn't anything to do in the evening and without PC or TV I had finished my books by the end of day 2. I resorted to the newspaper and then my Mum visited and kindly lent me enough books to see me through the last night and the train journey home).

It's a motley selection and includes some quite light reads. I'm most likely to read Ladies of Lending (whose title reminds me of working in the public library as a teenager, since the main department was called "Lending"and most of the staff were Ladies), and the Katherine Rowntree. I've also got a pile of the rest of last weekend's newspapers and some magazines, including Cosmo and Library and Information Update.

I digress. I must go and pack the car. Hope you all have a good rest of week.


  1. Have fun Verity! Make sure you fit in the Fitzwilliam.

    I checked out your conference online a few weeks ago (in a non stalkerish way of course) and it sounds fascinating - I wish I could come too, but I'm not a librarian!!

  2. My goodness - you travel a lot!! I think you've got enough books in the stack (even Cosmo on the bottom!)...enjoy the conference.

  3. Have a fantastic time, Verity! I like the selection, especially the lighter reads, as you deserve some relaxation time (not that your holiday wasn't relaxing...)

    Enjoy the conference and Cambridge!

  4. Oh the despair of being caught bookless!

    Have a fantastic time at the conference, especially at the reception, that does sound like fun!

  5. I added to the stack...I put two more books in my day bag! I've just staggered up to my room, and found that it is MUCH nicer than anything I had as a student - there is even a flat screen tv!

  6. Sounds great! I'd love to go to that sort of thing - have a great time and make sure you tell us any secrets you learn when you get back!


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