Monday, 14 September 2009

Not drowned, nor duffers...

(thanks to Geraldine in the comments of my last post for reminding me of that wonderful Arthur Ransome quote).

I am just back from the Lakes where I did not drown, nor was I a duffer. It was an amazing experience and we've raised nearly £1500 for Mind, the mental health charity.

Here's some pictures:

Lake Windermere, where the swim was held:Just after completing the swim:
Me, back at the guest house after a long bath, proudly wearing my Great Swim t-shirt and medal, which I've been wearing again today!
We had fun in the Lakes too - I'd never been and enjoyed seeing the amazing scenery for the first time. We also did a bit of a Beatrix Potter-thon today before heading home. Still two more days left before going back to work - I hope to blog about our visit to Beatrix Potter's house and subsequent reading, and I'm going on a bake-a-thon as it's Ken's birthday and I want to review The Ultimate Student cookbook. I also have a couple of books which I've received from publishers which I want to review, so busy busy busy!


  1. Welcome back! Congratulations! Looking forward to your forthcoming reviews!

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about the Beatrix Potter house...have fun baking!

  3. Hooray, I knew you two would make it! Another vote for stories about Beatrix Potter country. After burning all those calories during your swim you definitely need to bake some goodies so that you can replenish!

  4. Great that you raised so much money for the charity.

    Pleased that you liked my quote about drowning and duffers, I just couldn't resist using it.

    I'm also looking forward to hearing about what the Beatrix Potter house is like nowadays.

    The Lake District is beautiful, my first visit there was in 1976, the year of the drought, so the lakes were shallower than usual. Still fell in love with the place though.

    Happy birthday to Ken, friend of mine in the States had a baby boy last week, he's been named Kenneth after his daddy. So I'm going to be encountering the name Ken all over the place now.

  5. Thanks everyone. Just lying in bed finishing the Beatrix Potter biography. I tell you, it's much harder work doing the real thing than even the training I did. I keep getting the shakes from delayed tiredness!! And, we've just entered The Great East Swim (same thing, in Suffolk) in a fortnight's time - not for charity - for "fun"...

  6. You've entered another swim, for fun? WOW. Very impressed. Good luck!

  7. Not quite sure "fun" is the word Claire. But I've been promised a visit to Sutton Hoo as well!

  8. Congratulations! I am glad all went well and the fundraiser was such a success:)

  9. Congratulations on your swim and I just had to click on your photo - you look eerily similar to my niece!

    And I would attempt one of those swims (attempt, I say!) if I was promised a visit to Sutton Hoo too ;-)


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