Sunday, 30 August 2009

Finally off on holiday!

When you read this, hopefully I'll be waking up in our bungalow overlooking the sea in Cornwall.

I showed you the books I packed last weekend...unfortunately the pile has grown slightly...

* Enchanted Cornwall - I picked up this from the library, as I couldn't believe that I hadn't read it! It's DDM's semi-autobio crossed with descriptions of writing her books (seemed rather serendipitious given what I'm planning for the VVV blog while I'm away - see below). It reminded me that I saw several DDM biogs in the shop near where we're staying when we were down earlier in the year, so it is unlikely that I will make it home without more books. I'm on the look out for my own copy of this.
* Summertime (Coetzee). Paperback reader kindly leant me this from her Booker Reading Challenge. I loved Boy and Youth so really looking forward to this.
* Small Wars (Sadie Jones). I loved The outcast, and really wanted to buy her latest, although I did have a new policy of not buying new hardbacks...however, it was half price in Waterstones on the first day of my holidays....

And then I bought 4 books in Foyles on Weds - I was desperate for one of their carrier bags! One will be featured on the VV blog, but the other three were lovely children's books:
* Head girl's difficulties (Elinor M Brent Dyer), republished by GGBP
* School on Cloud Ridge
* Chiltern Adventure
- both of these by Mabel Esther Allen and republished by Fidra.

I'll be talking more about Fidra Books and GGBP when I get back, but I'm so excited to have these books to take with me.

The B files will be dormant, but you can follow my Daphne Du Maurier posts over on my other blog which are set to provide a bit of a diversion - with the aid of technology I can post without even turning a computer on! I'll be a bit sporadic in posting when I get back from Cornwall as am off to a conference, and then off to the Lakes for my Great North Swim but I promise to resume normal service from 17th September :)


  1. Bon Voyage Verity! Have a lovely time reading and relaxing with your boyfriend.

  2. Hope you enjoy the Mabel Esther Allan books. I love her books and think she is one of the best children's writers at evoking the atmosphere of a place. You really need The Conch Shell which is set in Cornwall.

  3. Ooh,thanks for the suggestion Annie, wonder if Fidra have republished it!

    I'm having a wonderful time guys!

  4. Have a great holiday!

    I look forward to hearing about Fidra and GGBP when you get back - Idon't know much about them.

  5. beeb444@gmail.com1 September 2009 at 02:32

    Try Elizabeth George's Portrait in Red. I believe it's her most recent mystery. The Cornwall locale is both stunning and integral to the plot.

  6. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Cornwall as I type this! I shall look forward to hearing about Enchanted Cornwall, as I've never read it, but have been meaning to pick it up as it sounds fascinating.


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