Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A week off work in which I have no especial plans: part 4

I have to say, I'm actually finding this week a bit tedious. Which is interesting, as I often fantasise about the opportunity to be a housewife. To be fair, if I was doing this full time then I'd build in some other things, such as volunteering, and maybe rejoining a brass band, but there isn't the time in just one week. But I miss having human interaction during the day (twitter people are great, but it's just not the same), and a sense of purpose. And, although I hate to say it, there is only so much cooking one can do!

Still, I've done some cooking today. I have the makings of a no-faff Jamie Oliver fish pie ready to go (picture tomorrow I hope!), I made the most amazing soup which I had to resist eating as it is for the mother-in-law's visit on Saturday (pumpkin chowder - yum!), and I've made ginger and chocolate biscuits and some slightly over glittered mars bar rice crispie fridge cake pieces for Mr W to take into work on Friday (his birthday).

I did wonder about going to the cinema, as I'd quite like to see Jane Eyre, but at the point when I had to make a decision, the sun was still shining (it's now disappeared and is cold and grey), and I was tired, having cycled to the outdoor pool (6 miles away) and back. And my foot still hurts. According to the doctor I have Plantar Fasciitis, and he claimed there was little to be done apart from rest and do some stretches (and certainly not run), however, a couple of friends have given me some more meaningful advice.

So instead I've finished my cross stitch, and am wondering whether I have the courage to return to one of my big works in progress or whether to start a mini Christmas pudding cross stitch. It's September, it's definitely not too early to be thinking about Christmas! I'm wondering about getting a book out until Mr W returns; I very much enjoyed reading Sissinghurst, an unfinished history yesterday, which really put my visit last month into context. I don't have anything that really grabs me today except for some lighter material, and I feel a bit guilty reading chick lit or Maeve Binchy on a holiday! Ho hum.


  1. Aha - good old plantar. Have you got the exercise to roll your foot on a tennis ball? It does help. If you need some running advice, do ask, as I got myself from walking to half marathons and have got a few friends through a walk to 5 k plan I devised.

    I am in the middle of Sissinghurst myself at the moment and very much enjoying it - it's kind of making me proud to be from the Weald, which doesn't happen very often!

    Liz x

  2. Look at Love Those Shoes website as they specialise in shoes that help Plantar Fasciitis. They are based on the walking in bare feet on sand theory. Look anyway and they are always happy to help on the end of the phone.

    Those biscuits look good, I've made some peanut butter ones.

    As for keeping yourself busy when you don't work, I am a Group Co-ordinator for Sustrans, which can keep me busy but at the moment it's a bit quiet. We had to carry out a survey which meant i had to do one myself as I have no volunteers for the area in question. Two others did one at another location but frankly volunteers in my area generally are very thin on the ground.

    After working full time for most of my life, it is very welcome not to have to go out to work. I might have more time if I didn't have to visit my 92 year old mum, just keep an eye on her, as she's really good for her age. I don't go any more than every couple of days though as I want her to get out herself for as long as she can. And she's still driving!

  3. I've just looked on Waterstones and it doesn't seem to be there but there is one on for $13.00 + postage. I've not read it yet but there is something where you can have a little read through some of it on the Amazon site.

  4. I was right about Tom Mouse. I find sticking to little cross stitch projects helps me get through the bigger ones, I suddenly get an urge to go back to them.

    At the moment though I have an idea for something and just trying it out.

  5. Wow! You have been busy this week. So sorry to hear about the plantar problem. I hope you will be able to deal effectively with yours by doing the stretches. Love all of your domesticity this week! Thanks for sharing your "staycation" with us.

  6. Thanks all - it's lovely to have you comment on my rather boring ramblings!


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