Friday, 30 September 2011


What a busy 48 hours. I have been playing catch-up at work as a result of the 4 days missed with the mumps, and due to the fact that term starts next week, my job changes slightly, and one of the reading rooms that I manage is about to reopen after being closed for recarpeting. The last two days have involved more running about that I care to remember (thank goodness my plantar fascitis is better!)

Anyway, it is now the weekend, and since getting home a little early, I have thrown myself into some domestic things. A colleague shared with me this marvellous butternut squash and apple soup recipe which I have made for us to eat over the weekend, along with some bread, and a cake, along with a risotto simmering on the hob for dinner! Maybe shouldn't have had the oven on on such a hot and sunny day... A bit of cleaning and tidying to make the house look nice too.

Here are coconut and cherry cookies (on the tray), banana and granola cookies in the box, and the soup - the soup still needs liquidising but Mr W has hidden the stick blender...

The cake and the bread are still in the oven! I shall write a separate post about the cake next week.

Tomorrow I plan to make some chutney with some of our languishing produce, as well as biscuits to take away the vinegary smell. I do also need to make mincemeat, but that may need to wait for a week or so. Might wait until it's chillier outside rather than stewing over a cauldron of dried fruit and alcohol... Mr W has an OU tutorial in the morning, but has promised to take me to get fitted for running shoes in the afternoon. Once this heatwave dies down, I shall see if I can restart my Couch to 5 k programme!

In the meantime, it's time to have a sit down - book or cross stitch - ho hum!


  1. Love the image of you with a massive spoon stirring up treats in a cauldron, Verity. Simon, Claire and I were marvelling over everything you accomplish in a day and here you go again!

  2. So much cooking! I need to stock up on my soups so that is my job for the weekend. Parsnip and Potato with Ginger!

  3. I continue to marvel at all the cooking you get done - esp. after a tiring time at work! If I weren't a bazillion miles away, I might just invite myself over for dinner -- that soup (and everything else) sounds delicious! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Well you have been busy... so productive in the kitchen. I made butternut squash soup and called it quits, but you just keep on going. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I have a squash and might make that soup.

  6. Darlene - I have my latest cauldron the the go! I'm not very good at acheiving much away from the house but I can get a lot done here.

    Jo - that soup sounds good - wouldn't have thought of putting ginger with parsnip.

    Susan - I like to do things in batches and then I can have a rest for a few days!

    JoAnn - happy weekend to you too!

    Campfire - let me know how you get on with the soup if you try it. I modified the recipe considerably - no fresh sage/cream/bacon!

  7. Yes Verity, I will. I've been busy this weekend as you will see on the latest post. I love your biscuits, they look like the sort I make. Must do: biscuit making tomorrow, squash soup.

  8. I've got as far as downloading the couch to 5k programme onto my MP3 player, doesn't seem to have made me any fitter tho? Oh, I *see* you're supposed to *do* it as well as listen :)


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