Monday, 19 September 2011

Bernard's new friend

Bear has been sent to us for his retirement, and here he is on his first meeting with the young whippersnapper Bernard. The two seem to be getting along fairly well, even if Bear's wonky eyes mean that he struggles to make eye contact.

One of my favourite photos of Mr W is an old one of him aged 4 or 5, carrying a teddy bear by its leg. We often wondered what had happened to the bear.... Well, Mr W's mother arrived at our wedding lunch with a large squishy package, and Bear was inside. He enjoyed sitting at our wedding lunch with our other presents:


  1. I think that Bernard will look after his new friend!

  2. They do look happy together. briar doesn't know it, but I am knitting her a new friend. Pictures to come shortly!

  3. Looks like Bear and Bernard are already becoming good friends. Nice for Bernard to have company when you're both out at work.


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