Sunday, 18 September 2011

End of the week off in which I had no especial plans

In 18 hours time my alarm will be going off, and it will be time to get up to cycle to the pool and go to work. I hate getting back into a routine after time off, and the knowledge that there are 14 weeks until Christmas and I haven't got any holiday until then. At least I will only be working 5 day, as opposed to 6 day, weeks this term.

Today has been designated a day of no-jobs as I spent rather a lot of my week off doing household things. Mr W has done the washing, the washing up, and is now trying to clean the hall in preparation for decorating it in the next couple of weeks. It feels strange not doing anything, but we have leftovers for lunch AND dinner. What a treat it is!

Actually, the time off this week has given me some space for thought, and I am planning to add to my September resolutions. The hour of craft is going well so far, even if the reading 2 VMCs a week isn't (can I read 4 next week to make up for last week perhaps?!). I am determined to have one night a week where I don't do any job, a washingless Wednesday, a no-tidy Tuesday, or a mop-free Monday perhaps? Since we moved out of town I've been less good at meeting friends after work for a drink or going to the cinema, so if I plan a day without chores then I might feel more in the mood for it! I am also wondering about having a night each week without the television, wouldn't that be good?

Still, 14 weeks til Christmas, and I've started to make some progress with my preparations! I made Christmas chutney, and a Christmas cross stitch, and maybe this afternoon I will start making some cards from the magazine kit that I bought on Thursday....

Oh yes, and the cross stitch kit that I bought? Here it is - I managed to do it in about 2 hours on Friday!


  1. Those sound like really good resolutions! I dislike getting back to routine after time off too. Hope it won't be too bad.

  2. I know what you mean. I do one chore a day during the week then I know I can have normally Saturdays to myself and read, sew and cook guilt free.

    I know what you mean about the television - I have no qualms in switching the thing off if there is nothing to watch - do not like to watch for the sake of it.

    You are really coming along with the Cross Stitch - I have lots and lots of patterns cut out of magazines if you ever feel like borrowing the odd one or two. Especialy Country Companions, Forever Friends I might have something you are after. All you will need then is thread, material and needle!

  3. Thanks Iris - I hope so too. I've decided that it is easiest to change a very small thing at a time to make my life better. Thanks to you and Yvann for the advice on the chores.

    Jo - I always end up doing chores, it's turned into a real bug bear that my life is being take nover by them! Thanks for the offer of the patterns - I have loads sitting waiting for me to do - it's nice to be stitching again. Too bad that when i picked up my wedding sampler - I remembered why I'd abandoned it - it needed a lot of unpicking!

  4. I love coming here Verity. As it always feels so homely. I hope you manged to reduce your chores. I hate cleaning but tend to do in the morning before the kids go to school. I get up earlier to get it done so my evenings will be free.


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