Friday, 16 September 2011

A week off work in which I have no especial plans: part 6

Up bright and early to sing Mr W happy birthday and cook scrambled eggs to go with the brioche I made yesterday - it didn't rise much but he said that it tasted good! Birthday presents and cards opened before work, and then on with the birthday cake. This year out of my suggestions, he chose this peanut butter cake from the BBC Good Food site. Pictures later once it is assembled.

I also put another batch of chocolate and ginger biscuits in, as he liked them very much, and the last double batch will be mainly shared with his colleagues. And a loaf of bread.

Yesterday's visit to Northampton was good. I stopped off at Hobbycraft on the way and bought one mini cross stitch of rather appropriate design (can anyone guess?!) and a papercraft/card making magazine. I had one of these before, and chose this because it came with some materials to make forever friends cards, and most of you know how much I like forever friends things (Mr W had a forever friend's card for his birthday, not homemade though). So I may spend some time this afternoon making cards.

I am going to pop over and see Mr W at lunchtime, and then on the way back visit a running shop for some advice about my plantar fasciitis. I would not be understating to say that it is excruciating at times, especially when I have been standing on it/walking for about 20 minutes - this does worry me slightly as I spend most of my working days on my feet/walking around.

Now it is on with washing, and cleaning. Mr W's mother is coming around tomorrow, and she has not seen the house since it was quite a wreck, with no carpet, and no kitchen, and half of the wall between the loo and the bathroom removed. So, I guess that cleaning isn't too necessary as it is definitely going to be an improvement, BUT, I always find myself doing things like cleaning the oven before she comes (although, would she really look inside?!). (Mr W's mother is lovely by the way, I just have in-law nerves).

(Apologies for lack of pictures in this post, I don't seem to have taken any since I last posted!)


  1. Um, appropriate for you cross stitch, design, would that be one or all of these three things?

    baking, reading, or just got married?

  2. You'll have to look at my most recent posts to see!

  3. You mentioned plantar fasciitis - awful! I had it for ten years from marathon running and in the end, after trying various medical tricks, the *only* thing that helped me was having my achilles tendons lengthened about an inch. The doc just cut a two-inch z shape in my calf and 8 weeks later after the cast, bingo. No hurting. It used to hurt for every single step I took and now it's great.
    Not sure that that may be the trick for you, but it certainly helped me. Just saying. Apart from that, I did some slight relief by icing the heels in an old tupperware container whilst I was watching tv. And wearing heel cups in my shoes. Hope your feet get better soon.
    liz in texas


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