Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas cards 3 (preparing for Christmas 6)

Last week I showed pictures of my mini Christmas tree Christmas cards; this week I have some more special cross stitch Christmas cards which took quite a lot longer to make (each about a week), so are for EXTREMELY special people (I haven't quite decided who yet!).

One of the things I love most about Christmas is The Snowman - I think Raymond Briggs illustrations are wonderful, and I think the music from the film is absolutely brilliant - it is my piano music of choice at present (I would contemplate recording a podcast of me playing but my Walking in the air only just gets off the ground, and my Dance of the snowmen involves a lot of one-legged snowmen). I am particularly excited about the Snowman this week, as I love the stage show and I am going to see it this week for the third time!! I went originally in 2007 with my parents, found the excuse of taking K's nieces last year, and am happily accompanying Paperback Reader Claire this Saturday - she mentioned that she was booking tickets, I jokingly asked if I could come too, and she said yes, because her boyfriend didn't really fancy it. More about that on Monday I think, plus the book shopping and book exchanging that we will be up to at the same time!

Anyway, I spotted a kit on ebay to make 4 Snowman cross stitch Christmas cards, and I couldn't resist it as I thought it would be lovely to spend November stitching The Snowman. It was. and here they are - there is a slight modification from the kit in that I decided to stick the completed designs onto cards larger than the ones supplied; since I had spent so long making them (each took a week of evenings and a weekend afternoon). Here they are - I'm not sure if I can bear to part with them!

I have also made two Forever Friends Christmas cards - they come from a kit intended to be a Christmas decoration, but I decided I could get more mileage out of it as two Christmas cards for two of my close friends. I decided that a red card would make a good mount, and borrowed the idea of trimming the fabric with pinking shears and sticking it straight onto a card, rather than using an aperture card, from the Snowman designs.


  1. The cards are beautiful - well done, you!

    I am very excited about The Snowman.

  2. These are wonderful! My favorites are The Snowman sweet:)

  3. All this snow has made me hum The Snowman quite a few times this week. They look great - enjoy choosing who to send them too.

  4. They're gorgeous! Too late for me to make some this year, I'm still cutting and pasting mine...but definitely an idea to consider for next year. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  5. Everything's adorable, but those snowmen are extra special. :D

  6. Lovely pictures. I do love a good cross stitch Christmas! I am the same though I never give away what I have stitched.

  7. Verity, you've made a lovely job of those cards. I understand how difficult it is to part with things you've spent so long working on. Deciding who the recipients will be is a tough call.

    Most of the cards I'm sending out this year are shop brought ones. I have begun one cross stitch card but it may not be finished in time to send out this year and I'm very tempted to keep it to display here.

    I've a few friends who would appreciate both the design and the work, so how do you decide? Draw lots?

  8. Your Snowman cross-stitch cards (and the bears too!) are adorable! If you have the pattern you could always make a second set just for yourself.


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