Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dingly dangly reindeer

I am a little ashamed at how I have allowed my blog to be taken over by Christmas bits and pieces; in fact, the bit of my life which is outside of work and swimming has mainly been Christmas dominated! I have been reading, but nothing especially worth writing about; I'm starting to amass a nice pile of books to read over Christmas, but at the moment my mind has been taken up with baking and festive occasions. We're off to take K's nieces to the ballet today, and we're going to see a live screening of another ballet at the cinema tomorrow - so in the meantime I'll leave my new Dingly Dangly Reindeer decoration to watch over the blog!

(He is unfortunately turning into The Annoying Decoration of 2010 as bits keep falling off him, either his legs or arms, but mainly his nose - invariably a bit of him will be on the floor in the mornign, or make a bid for freedom while we are having dinner. But he is very cute and didn't take long to make so I will forgive him)


  1. Very cute reindeer. Good job you don't have a cat who would be taking a swipe at those dangly bits at every opportunity.

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of! Your Christmas posrs have been a lot of fun to read :) Also, Geraldine's comment made me laugh. My cats would destroy that reindeer in no time :P

  3. I really like reading your Christmas posts. They bring me a bit of Christmas cheer during the day!

  4. I've been enjoying these Christmas posts. It's fun to share in your celebration of the season.

  5. Geraldine - he's hung quite high up!

    Nymeth - I have been really in the Christmas mood this year.

    Anbolyn - Christmas cheer is much needed sometimes.

    Susan - yes, it is a sharing season!


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