Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some Christmas reading plans

I've been gathering together some of the boks that I want to read over the Christmas break...both Christmas reads and books that I have been hoarding to indulge myself in. Unfortunately, I haven't got quite all of the books that I wanted to read - disorganisation meant that I didn't get reservations in at the library for a couple of books that I wanted (Rachel Johnson's Diary of the Lady was one, and Yes sister, no sister: my life as a trainee nurse by Jennifer Craig was another), and the snow means that a couple of the books which I ordered from the internet as a treat * have yet to arrive, which disappoints me greatly as I am desperate to get my fingerless gloved hands on Wait for me: memoirs of the Duchess of Devonshire and Domestic Soldier by Jennifer Purcell.

Still, I have got quite a big pile of books, and should I be snowed in, would have enough to keep me busy (I also defrosted the freezer at the weekend and realised that the amount of pre-made meals I had forgotten about (mainly veggie spag bol and veggie chilli) would also keep us going until the New Year).

I wrote about Christmasssy reads here...and the four books that I have selected are:
Christmas at Fairacre which I always like to reread
How to survive Christmas (Jilly Cooper), a charity shop find earlier in the year
The Christmas books by Charles Dickens in this beautiful new edition which I recieved from the publisher a little while ago; Christmas Carol is the only one I've read so looking forward to these.
Christmas poems by UA Fanthorpe. I don't often like poetry, but I do like Fanthorpe, perhaps because she came and did a reading at my school when I was in the sixth form. I have come across some of her Christmassy poems before, so I am looking forward to dipping into this collection.
Not pictured as it was left at work as it has been entertaining me on my tea-breaks over the last week or so is the Virago Book of Christmas which I strongly recommend as it's a lovely collection of different sorts of writing by a spectrum of women.

Of course, in pride of place among my non-Christmassy reads is The mystery of Blencarrow, my Secret-Santa'd Persephone, kindly sent to me by Frances, and which I am keeping wrapped up as it looks so pretty!

The other books include:
Cherry Ames: student nurse
Challenge for the Brydons (Kathleen Fiddler) - I LOVE the out of print Brydon's books so was very excited when I saw this for only £3 in a bookseller's catalogue
Secret intensity of everyday life - been on my TBR as I bought it for my holiday in September but didn't get round to reading it then.
Vicarage Children - third in this series by Lorna Hill.
Wish her safe at home - very keen on reading this since reading a review by Rachel of Booksnob. Paperback Reader Claire and I both picked up copies on our outing at the start of December - I think Claire has already started reading hers.
The dig (John Preston)- have wanted to read this for simply ages! It is a fictionalised account of the excavation of Sutton Hoo.
Private peaceful (Michael Morpurgo) - Morpurgo writes some wonderful stories so I am looking forward to this one.

I still have a mass of chick-lit from the library, and...K is keeping quiet as to whether or not the book that I asked for from him for Christmas has arrived, so I may have that to look forward to to! I'm planning to write a brief post for each of the twelve days of Christmas featuring what I'm reading that day, and also so I can write about the other things that I'm up to, which will hopefully redress the lack of bookishness on this blog over the last month!

* yes, I was being frugal, but at the beginning of the month I got another job starting in January, working 20 Sundays supervising one of the buildings where I work, so I have a few extra pennies for treats


  1. I read Private Peaceful a few months back and found it very moving. Enjoy your Christmas reads!

  2. Lots of books I have never heard of, I look forward to hearing your views on them.

  3. Love the idea of being snowed in with a load of lovely books to dive into!

    Still waiting for our router, Verity, so if I don't get back to your corner of the blog world again...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. I have the first Miss Read book from the library and I'm saving it for my flight, very excited about reading it. And you're so lucky to have the Monica Dickens! I've put it on my Christmas list for my DH and I'm crossing my fingers.

  5. I have the UA Fanthrope Christmas Poems - they're lovely. Enjoy reading them.
    (I nearly bought Wait for me or Diary of a Lady for my sister but instead bought her Virginia Woolf stories.
    ps Loved hearing about your Nutcracker screening - what fun.

  6. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Mrs Blencarrow & Wish Her Safe at Home (which, yes, I am in the process of reading).

    I have kept my Persephone gifts wrapped too as so very pretty.

    If I had known about Wait for Me I would have loaned you my copy, although it is one you probably want to own anyway. Lovely treat - here's hoping it arrives for Christmas.

    Best & warmest wishes for the season, Verity xx

  7. Oooh so much to enjoy! Have a wonderful Christmas Verity and good for you for treating yourself! I hope you enjoy Wish Her Safe at Home as much as I did!

  8. I haven't read any of these, but always look forward to your thoughts - Merry Christmas!

  9. I really enjoyed The Dig - it was one of the first books I ever reviewed. It lacks any narrative pace though because it is based on a true account. If you can accept that then I think it is a lovely book.

  10. Some wonderful books there. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  11. That's a wonderful group of books. I have the Cherry Ames books, both the ones I inherited from my mother and some of the new reprints that a publisher rep sent me. I hope you like them!


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