Thursday, 9 December 2010

Advent Tea Party

It's become a bit of a tradition to have a tea-party at our flat to mark the start of advent. As Christmas approaches, people get increasingly busy, so it is nice to do something early on. Plus, it gives me an excuse to put the tree up early, and get started on some Christmas baking!
This year, it gave me an excuse to get out my new Snowman Christmas stand which is my Christmas present from my Dad (he kindly said I could have it a bit early)

The centrepiece of the tea was my Christmas tree made out of biscuits; unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get to ice the points of the stars as I had intended, but it was much admired (and nobody wanted to disturb it to take a piece, so we are now left with an awful lot of biscuit!)
And here is the tea itself:
Lebkuchen, orange and cranberry buns, Christmas shortbread, and starry chocolate brownies. You'll be seeing these in close-up in a super-duper Christmas baking post that I have planned!

We had mulled wine, I wore my new Christmassy snowflake jumper dress, 10 people came, many bearing Christmas cards and other nice things (an ornament for our Christmas tree, chocolates, biscuits, more chocolate, and this FANTASTIC bag (I know it's still 3 weeks til Christmas, but I think this is probably my favourite present - it's for books, it's library-themed and it's pink and purple!)


  1. LOVE the bag! And the tea party sounds absolutely wonderful :)

    I hadn't heard of Lebkuchen spice cookies until recently, when a book I was reading mentioned them (I know. I know). Now I'm very excited to bake some when I go home for the holidays next week :D

  2. What a great way to kick off the holiday season! Your treats all look delicious... was Ken's gingerbread house on display, too?

  3. Love the Christmas cookie tree Verity! What a lovely idea to have an advent tea. It all looks delicious!

  4. That's making me feel hungry just looking at it!

  5. Such a very lovely thought of an Advent tea.
    I stop by to read you often and just had to comment here; the bag, the cookie tree, the chocolates, sigh, and such a charming cookie plate. Okay. I need to get busy and start decorating.

  6. Ooo a lovely bag and lots of lovely things to eat! Heaven.

  7. ooh this post has made the idea of an Advent Tea all the more delicious and a possible idea next year.... I used to have a party the Saturday after New Year for exactly the same reasons as your Advent Tea Party Christmas is just too busy.
    Now have just thought maybe do it for my Godchildren and their families?
    All looks delicious. Right shall stop rambling.

  8. Your advent tea sounds lovely and that bag is such a good present!

  9. That bag is definitely you!

    I think Delia, Nigella and Martha should all be very are truly amazing! And I would have had no problem stealing a cookie from your tree.

  10. What a lovely way to kick off the holiday season. And I'm like Darlene - I would have had no problem sampling your biscuit tree!


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