Tuesday 30 November 2010


A short month, but long enough for me to get quite overdrawn, due to Christmas shopping and car tax/service/insurance.
Started going to swim training sessions with Oxford tri
Discovered that I like nutella even more than peanut butter.
Discovered that I can eat a whole jar of nutella in one go after a swim session.
Decided on my next swim challenge.
Made pecan pie.
LOVED the ballet Sylvia
Learning to play the piano again
Made the first batch of Christmas shortbread
Survived the chaos at work when the students occupied one of the buildings...
Enjoyed listening to the Advent Carol Service from St. John's Cambridge on Radio 3, so much so that I listened to it all over again the next day.
Lit my advent candle.

In December I'm looking forward to:
A swim coaching session and having my front crawl videoed!
My advent tea party
Going to see The snowman for the third time and the Christmas lights
(as well as some bookshopping)
Taking K's nieces to the ballet again
Some time off work doing nothing


  1. December sounds like a lot of goodness:) I love Nutella too but can only have in little bits for the richness. A whole jar would take me down.

  2. I could easily eat an entire jar of Nutella with a spoon! Delicious.
    Looking forward to the ballet (and the surreptitious book shopping).

  3. Every day expenses really should be banned in November and December with Christmas coming around... I had opticians and the realisation that suddenly loads of toiletries and make up are coming to the end and need to be bought.
    Love the thought of you lighting your advent candle - such a childhood memory.

  4. I love Nutella too! I can't eat a ton of it at once, though, because it's so sweet, and I'm gluten intolerant so can't spread it on bread.

  5. I love nutella! Our baking is getting started again now that the new oven has been installed. Happy December.

  6. Are we not supposed to know about the book shopping?


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