Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Triathlete's treats

I think I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I get to bake so much cake and not put my fiance into a clinically obese state is because he is much more energetic than me and does triathlons. Whilst I am content with the odd swim, he likes to include a bike and a run as well. Last weekend saw the Blenheim triathlon, and as usual I went along and made myself hoarse in cheering him on, but it also involved some extra baking. We had been discussing his nutritional requirements for the day (pasta the night before, porridge for breakfast, and something carby before setting off), when the latest issue of 220 Triathlon Magazine arrived with a 23 page nutrition special. As I had suggested making flapjack, when I saw a recipe for cranberry, apple and oat bars, I thought I had better make those instead. After all I would feel dreadful if my regular flapjack didn't produce as good results!

They were a bit more fiddly than flapjack to make, as I had to heat the butter with apple juice, honey and sugar in a saucepan before adding the dried apple, cranberries, oats, sesame and sunflower seeds, whereas usually I melt things in the microwave! And they didn't stick together quite as well. (In fact, I thought the recipe was pretty rubbish, they didn't specify what size baking tray to use, nor what it should look like colourwise when taking it out - but then, it is a sports magazine. I did wonder if anyone had actually tested the recipe as the way I made it they would have been impossible to eat on the run). Obviously it's impossible to compare whether they were better than flapjack, but he got round the course, with an absolutely fantastic time on the swim, and I was as usual ridiculously proud at the finish line (although soaking wet owing to a thunderstorm commencing an hour in...)

It is also becoming traditional for me to make a celebratory millionaire's shortbread when he finishes a triathlon - partly because they are a bit of a fiddle to make having to let each layer cool before adding the next, but mainly because they are really just sugar and fat. But after a hard sporting event I think that they are well earned. This one suffered slightly from the humid weather - the chocolate and base set hard but the centre did not set so well and squidged out when cut. Luckily this didn't make any difference to the taste.


  1. I used a few fresh apples instead of dried apples and apple juice. I also used walnuts instead of the seeds.

    I've just cut them up now and individually cling filmed them before putting in the fridge... hopefully this will firm them up for Friday (when they're needed).

    I did just try one and although quite moist - very tasty!

    I hear you on the reward after the event!

  2. I also replaced the cranberries with dried mixed fruit and didn't have quite enough honey.

    Come to think of it, I was miles off the recipe!

  3. A recipe in a sports magazine...you made me laugh! They look pretty good, Verity, and probably did the trick.

    K is lucky to have such an enthusiastic cheerleader!

  4. They look very nice but I can see what you mean about them not being practical to eat on the go.
    Neil's clingfilm tip sounds hopeful.

  5. Hi Neil, thanks for popping in - how did you find my blog? I'm intrigued as to how you got yours to stick together though. Tasted quite good though.

    Darlene - yes, it wasn't my usual source of recipe inspiration but I didn't feel I could argue with something for athletes!

    Alison - I wrapped them in foil for Sunday and since then he's been eating them out of the box with a spoon!


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