Sunday, 27 June 2010

My book collection

A friend recently said to me:

"I can't believe you own quite that many books living in a flat that doesn't sound particularly vast!"

So I said I'd take some pictures to show her how they fitted in...
The bulk of my fiction is on these shelves, alphabetically by author surname (except where size means they don't fit on the right shelf (the big tower on the right hand small book case is ones that I have yet to read)...but the fiction now extends round the corner, as we've put some cases in the kitchen area now:

There were just two cases here, but we're getting a Kenwood mixer, and it needed something to sit on so I have to relinquish the second small one for the cube shaped one (currently inhabited by cookbooks), but as we don't have the heating on at the moment, I've put it in front of the storage heater so it's got another 4-5 months grace.

Then by the tv...
I keep my DVDs, a selection of non fiction and my collection of cookery magazines.

Behind the sofa...
is the smart bookcase with biographies and my posh hardbacks, and there is overflow non-fiction on the little case next to it and some cake decorating magazines and my library books.

And finally, in our bedroom...
is my collection of Chalet School books since they are the only thing that will fit on this little case! Would you believe it that when I moved into this flat, this was the only bookcase I had? I had one tall case of books in my parents flat, but that was it.

So where are my fiances books? Mostly in storage...occasionally I have offered him shelf space when I have got new shelves but they have always ended up being filled before he took up the offer. I really hope we can buy a house soon!


  1. I am in awe, Verity. You live in a library.

    I feel much less guilty about the amount of books I own now!

  2. Ah, a kindred spirit across the wide pond and ages upon ages apart in years. I love your shelves and your organization of your books. You can never have enough books or plants!

  3. *sigh* You're making me homesick for my bookshelves. I'm subletting from someone else this summer, and he does not have very many books. All the ones he does have are called depressing things like The College Admissions Mystique and The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent and Down the Asphalt Path.

  4. Wow Verity, your collection is huge! Isn't that the perfect excuse to buy a home, to have room for your books? Lol.

  5. Oh such a beautiful collection of books and shelves. I am looking forward to getting our house sorted so that I can have shelves up - at the moment I have a few shelves and the rest are in piles in the bedroom.

  6. Impressive collection! I was amused as when I looked at your photos my little boy said 'Can we go to that library?' Thanks for letting us see your books.

  7. Awesome collection! I love keeping and collecting some books, but i have no time to read them :) You're a good book collector..

  8. These pictures are so lovely! I love having books in every room of my house, we are running out of space at the moment, I think a new bookcase might be needed!

  9. Tea lady - and I work in one too - busman's holiday!

    Lifeonthecuff - I can't deal with plants,unlike books they require too much attention.

    Jenny -= what a shame - sometimes you can find such interesting things on other people's shelves.

    Claire - we are desparate to buy a house but at the moment have had to put it on hold.

    Jackie - that's hilarious. He's welcome to come around anytime - might be a bit young for most of my children's books.

    Claire - books are very beautiful!

    Antique Book Cases - I don't have as much time to read my collection as I would like.

    Dot - we only actually have books in 2 rooms of our flat, but then our flat only has four rooms, plus a hall (which is literally just a space with five doors and cupboard doors on it) Not an inch of space left!

  10. Wow! What an impressive collection!

  11. Ooh I do love noseying through other peoples bookshelves!

  12. Beautiful pictures :) I wish I had as many shelves.

  13. Aw, it's lovely seeing other people's shelves. You have a wonderful-looking home library!


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