Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The cakes that must not be eaten

I've made three cakes this week which Must Not Be Eaten. So I didn't photograph them as I couldn't cut them and need to avoid all temptation.

The first is a ginger cake, incredibly dark and treacly, and apparently is best served several days after baking. Since I've always been of the opinion that cakes are best on the day that they are made, and am always keen to get immediate feedback on my baking, it was very hard not to serve up a piece for my fiance. Especially since we had strawberries and in my opinion, strawberries and ginger are a wonderful combination of flavours.

The second and third cakes are a pair of cakes which I have made to test wedding cake recipes. As both myself, and a number of key wedding guests currently avoid dairy and/or gluten or wheat, I am very keen to come up with a cake which can be eaten by everybody. I found a recipe for a vegan fruit cake in Fiona Cairn's Bake and Decorate, and have tried to modify it. I used ground almonds in half of the mixture and gluten free flour in the other half, and made two cakes. The gluten free one came out quite dry and crispy, but the almond one looks very moist. Anyway, fruit cakes have to be fed and left to mature for a while (although this one will not keep as long as a traditional fruitcake), so I will provide you with a verdict and whether or not I have solved my vegan/gluten free wedding cake issue or not in due course...

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  1. Verity, Have a look at Cornflower's blog...she made 'free cake' the other day. Gluten and dairy-free it may be something you'd like...it looks really moist and delicious!


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