Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June reading

Well, June hasn't been the greatest month for reading. I've mentioned a few times that I've spent quite a lot of the month drugged up and unable to read proper books. So how did you read 75 books then? Partly, because a lot of what I was reading were re-reads of children's books and reading Babysitters Club books, the latter especially are not particularly taxing and can even be read fairly fast by someone with little concentration. And the other reason is that you can see that much of the rest of what I read were non fiction titles, mainly recipe books, which are the sort of reading that one dips in and out of, mainly looking at the pictures. But the non fiction reflects some of my preoccupations this month, particularly with wedding cakes!

I did get a few VMCs read, and the VVV blog has been ticking over as I had a huge backlog of reviews. And at the end of the month, the lovely new Bloomsbury group books provided me with enjoyable reading that felt like I was reading "proper" books again and managed to get me back into the groove this month.

I did far better with book acqusitions this month, only acquiring 19 new books, of which five were sent by publishers! *edit* I wrote this a week ago, and unfortunately, this is now not quite true....still, I suppose 47 books isn't *too* bad?!

In terms of blogging, I felt that I centred very much more on things that I wanted to write about, particularly with my various domestic arts projects - jam, cross stitch, knitting, cake decorating, baking, and I will probably continue this focus, especially as I start to plan my wedding cake. In terms of reading, I shall be reading things from my library pile, my TBR, and a vast box of books that Simon from stuck-in-a-book has lent me - no specific plans, and I'm putting my Orange Wednesday posts on hold for a little bit. I've enjoyed the ones that I've read so far and will certainly be reading more from the Orange backlist in due course but it's not a priority at the moment.

So here's the list for June!

Daylight and the dust Frame, Janet VMC SS
Trooper to the southern cross Thirkell, Angela VMC
Kristy and the snobs Martin, Ann C
The camomile Carswell, Catherine VMC
Three houses Thirkell, Angela NF
Mary Plain goes bob-a-jobbing Rae, Gwynedd C
Ship of adventure Blyton, Enid C RR
Jessi's secret language Martin, Ann C
The class Begaudeau, Francois NF
The birds fall down West, Rebecca VMC
Kristy's big day Martin, Ann C
Little gods Richards, Anna
Mostly Mary Rae, Gwynedd C
All about Mary Rae, Gwynedd C
Mary Anne's mystery Martin, Ann C
The old man's birthday Crompton, Richmal
Sea city here we come Martin, Ann C
Murder at the flood Allen, Mabel Esther
Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye Martin, Ann C
A stable for Jill Ferguson, Ruby C RR
Brown girl, brownstones Marshall, Paule VMC
At home Bryson, Bill NF
The Aloe Mansfield, Katherine VMC
Mary Plain in town Rae, Gwynedd C
Mary Plain on holiday Rae, Gwynedd C
Foursome Fallon, Jane
50 things you can do to manage insomnia Green, Wendy NF
Stacey's big mistake Martin, Ann C
Living with a black dog
The street Petry, Ann VMC
So much to tell Grove, Valerie B
The camping cookbook Bell, Annie NF
50 things you can do to manage IBS Green, Wendy NF
Another country: children's books of the lake district Mackensie, James NF
Old school ties Harrison, Kate
Claudia and the bad joke Martin, Ann C
Everyday suppers Delicious magazine NF
Children at the shop Ferguson, Ruby AB
Kristy and the walking disaster Martin, Ann C
Stone in a landslide Tartara, Pedro de
Dying to be thin Grahame, Niki AB
IBS cookbook for dummies Deane, Carolyn NF
Summer before Martin, Ann C
The wild geese Boland, Bridget VMC
A likely lad Avery, Gillian C RR
Mallory and the trouble with twins Martin, Ann C
Bloke's guide to getting hitched Smith, Jonathon NF
After the party Jewell, Lisa
Fell trek Lloyd, Marjorie C
I like this story Webb, Kaye C anthol
Dawn on the coast Martin, Ann C
Landed Pears, Tim
Wedding cakes you can make Wilson, Dede NF
Cake decorator's bible Dunn, Alan
Days of grace Hall, Catherine
Marcella Ward, Mrs Humphrey VMC
Hester Lilly Taylor, Elizabeth VMC
My experimental life Jacobs, A.J. NF
Claudia and the sad goodbye Martin, Ann C
Animal, vegetable, miracle Kingsolver, Barbara NF
Everything changes Martin, Ann C
Let's kill Uncle O'Grady, Rohan
Keep out Claudia Martin, Ann C
Mrs Harris goes to Paris Gallico, Paul
Mrs Harris goes to New York Gallico, Paul
Mrs Ames E.F. Benson
Dawn saves the planet Martin, Ann C
Henrietta sees it through Dennys, Joyce
Twice dead Channon, E.M.
Mr Almost Right Moran, Eleanor
Cakes for fun Asher, Jane NF
Flavour thesaurus Segnit, Niki NF
The lessons Alderman, Naomi
Holiday summer Merwin, Decie C
Essential guide to cake decorating Barker, Alex NF
BSC in the USA Martin, Ann C
Starring the BSC Martin, Ann C
Mother and son Compton-Burnett, Ivy VMC
Picnic for Bunnikins Warrener C
Kristy's big news Martin, Ann C
Cullum Robertson, E Arnot VMC


  1. Verity, you've left us on tenterhooks with that last sentence! I'll miss Orange Wednesdays so relieved it is only a temporary shift to other ventures.

    Glad you're back into your swing with "real" reading.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the error *edited out*

  3. I love the way you've included your cookery books in the list. For a moment I thought 'What an interesting novel 'Wedding cakes you can bake' would be and then I realised...


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