Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Two sorts of biscuits

It didn't take long for the cyclist to get through the stack of biscuits that I baked last week; the uphill bike rides had evidently made a very large biscuit shaped hole inside him. Unfortunately, he came back with a horrible cold and spent 3 days last week feeling quite sorry for himself. So I decided to do a bit more baking to cheer him up.

Firstly, I made some ginger topped shortbread from the M and S Easy Baking book which I have wanted to try for some time. Ginger is meant to be good for warding off colds and this recipe is for a ginger-flavoured shortbread with a topping made from butter, golden syrup and more ginger. It was deemed very tasty, although he felt that the topping wasn't necessarily needed.
I then got Baking Magic out again and started suggesting recipes from it to try. Following the success of the Party Rings and the Chocolate Bourbons, he was keen to try another homemade version of a supermarket favourite and said "chocolate hobnobs". There wasn't actually a recipe for chocolate hobnobs, but there was for chocolate digestives, which amazing turned out more hobnobby in character than digestivey. These were a HUGE hit.


  1. What a lucky cyclist he is - these look lovely Verity

  2. I would love to have the chocolate digestives recipe! If you are able to share, please email me on lindsayla18 AT gmail DOT com

    Both biscuits look scrumptious!

  3. Does your other half realise how lucky he is? I dare not let my husband see your posts as he would require the same treatment. He will have to make do with his Baked Chicken and Potatoes in Lemon and Honey for this evening.

    I wish I was your neighbour - though I imagine my weight gain would be a little on the high side. Keep on coming with your cooking posts, you may just tempt me to get out my mixer.

  4. After reading about Baking Magic here I saw it in Waitrose yesterday and had I not been in a hurry I would have picked it up. Today's delicious recipes mean I may walk back just to look through it.

  5. Joan - do go back for a peruse - it's a nice little book.

    Vivienne - my OH wouldn't get anything like that for his dinner so I'm sure it balances out. I can bake but I'm not very good at cooking.

    Laura - I will do but it may take a little time.

    Hannah - thank you! I think he realises he's lucky.

  6. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I make up some ginger tea...hope Ken is feeling better!

    Your biscuits look very tempting and I admire your plates...so colourful!


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