Thursday, 1 July 2010

Some more cross stitch (domestic arts 6)

I've been continuing with my cross stitch since I last wrote about it. Some of it has made me very cross, and I even gave up on one project, because the pattern was too tiny, the threads kept tangling and I didn't like the colours I was working with. I reasoned that I was doing the cross stitch for fun, and if I wasn't enjoying it, then I should stop. So it was back to more Forever Friends patterns as these seem to be my favourite - appealing colours, adorable bears, and absolutely relaxing. I think my favourite is the one with the roses at the bottom - they took a lot of backstitching but I loved the result.

I must now iron them, but I'm not sure what to do with them. My fiance offered to frame them, but I think that was before he realised how big the output would be. They're too big to use for greetings cards.


  1. Perhaps they could eventually be used as squares in a baby quilt OR stuff them as little pillows for a mobile. I've also bought inexpensive frames and mounted them myself on stiff cardboard.

    They're so cute!

  2. Lovely work Verity. Darlene has made some very good suggestions about how you could use your completed stitching.

    Regarding the too small pattern, could you get it blown up in size to make it easier to use.

    Sorry I've not managed to answer your email. We haven't been able to get emails working via our new ISP. I should have emailed you yesterday while we were still with our old provider.

    Luckily we can browse the internet without any problems and it seems to be much faster.

  3. Darlene - they are cute! I'm ammassing such a collection of them :)

    Geraldine - yes, I guess I could get it blown up but I've given up on Angelina Ballerina for now - too many horrid mousy brown colours, whereas Forever Friends brown is softer and nicer... Hope you get your ISP sorted soon - Ken spent most of yesterday battling with his stepdad's laptop and is back there today for more fun and games!

  4. These would really look great in a quilt like Darlene mentions. You are so quick with them--like reading, I tend to be a really slow stitcher. And I often put aside projects when I don't like colors or the work frustrates me. Maybe later you'll want to pick them up again, but I agree that if this is meant to be relaxing you shouldn't be annoyed by the work!


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