Monday, 31 May 2010

May Reading

It's been another fairly busy month in terms of reading - 104 books in total. I was a little surprised by this figure, as the second half of the month was quite stressful for me one way and another and I couldn't really concentrate on many heavy reads, instead preferring to get on with some domestic arts (in fact, I'm finding knitting and cross stitch as relaxing as reading and quite a good alternative - sometimes when you read as much as I do, it is nice to have a chance and do something completely different). However, the total is higher than it might otherwise be due to having purchased a number of Babysitters Club titles - since these really don't take much reading at all, having read one of those a day has effectively "kept my numbers up", not that I read for numbers, but rather for relaxation and their completely unchallenging unliterary nature has been exactly what I have needed over the last couple of weeks.

Obviously the big highlight of May was the Persephone Reading Week which I think you'll all agree was a huge success. And one of my best reads of the month, The hopkins manuscript, was read as part of this week. Other good reads included Christina Hardyment's The canary coloured cart (which I must write about), Fraulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther (Elizabeth Von Arnim - review coming up on my Virago blog), and Miss Matty by Richmal Crompton which Simon from Stuck in a book lent to me and snuck in at the very end of the month.

I should confess too that May was quite a bad month for book purchasing and acquisitions. According to my librarything account, I added over 100 books to my collection (which now totals more than 1400 volumes). I guess it was bound to happen when the month started with a cheerless bankholiday weekend that necessitated a trip around the charity shops and a trip to London for a book bloggers meet up that involved much second hand book shopping!

What are my plans for June? I have about 20 books on my TBR pile, but I need to work out which of those I want to save for summer holidays and things. I have a few library books on loan, and I have a few VMCs awaiting me. And I'll be continuing my Orange Wednesdays feature as that is proving interesting to me and popular with readers. But I also want to spend more time knitting and doing cross stitch, and I'm thinking quite hard about the pattern of my blogging. Accepting review copies over the last few months has skewed my blog somewhat; as life is far too short for me to write about everything that I read, I end up just writing about review books rather than books which I am more enthusiastic about. And also some of my favourite blogs are not ones which are heavily dominated by reviews - I love to read about the other things that people do - holidays, days out, crafts, baking and general bookishness, and to some extent this is more what I like to write about than reviewing books per se. So having passed my first bloggiversary, and changed my name to Cardigan Girl Verity, there may be some changes around here, but then there may not be. We'll see what happens!

Persimmon tree and other stories Barnard, Marjorie
Many conditions of love Zama, Farahad
Sue Barton: Superintendent nurse Boylston, Helen Dore
The expendable man Hughes, Dorothy P
Skinny bitch Freedman NF
Sand in my shoes Rice, Joan AB
An interrupted life Hillesum, Etty AB P
The baking bible Collister, Linda NF
Elizabeth's adventures in Rugen Arnim, Elizabeth von
The barracks McGahern, John
Looking for Enid Maclean, Duncan NF RR
Julian Grenfell Mosley, Nicholas B P
Still glides the stream Thompson, Flora AB
Private life Smiley, Jane
Dimanche and other stories Neriemovsky, Irene P
Sarah Strick Hurley, Randle
Private places Craig, Amanda
Open the door! Carswell, Catherine VMC
Getting mad, getting even Saunders, Annie
Plats du jour Grey, Primrose P
Good things in England White, Florence P
Easy baking Marks and Spencer NF
Unicorn girls Holden, Ursula
Surfacing Atwood, Margaret VMC
Felicia's journey Trevor, William
Instructions not included Moreman, Charlotte NF
Mandoa Mandoa Holtby, Winifred VMC
Housewife married Penton Harper, Alison
Writing on my forehead Haji, Nafisa
Hopkins manuscript Sherriff, RC P
Fifteen Clearly, Beverley C RR
Two vandals and a wedding Secombe, Fred AB
High heels and a head torch Duke, Chelsea NF
Wigs on the green Mitford, Nancy
After you'd gone Lingard, Joan
Shop girl diaries Benet, Emily AB
Sweet desserts Ellman, Lucy
Summer will show Warner, Sylvia Townsend VMC
Where I belong Latham, Joyce AB
Mr Rosenblum's list Solomons, Natasha
The robber bridegroom Welty, Eudora VMC
Sue barton: neighbourhood nurse Boylston, Helen Dore RR
Enormous changes Paley, Grace VMC
Tin toys Holden, Ursula
Minack tales Tangye, Derek AB
Wishing for tomorrow Mackay, Hilary C
Celia Young, E.H. VMC
War-workers Delafield, EM
Rhapsody Edwards, Dorothy VMC
Sleeping with Mozart Church, Anthea
Children of the house Fairfax-Lucy, Brian C
Liza of Lambeth Maugham, Somerset
Five go to Finnegan's farm Blyton, Enid C RR
Last year when I was young Dickens, Monica
A future CS girl EBD C RR
Nobody has to be a kid forever Colman, Hilla C
Fall on your knees Macdonald, ann
Love bites Hirst, Christopher NF
Northbridge rectory Thirkell, Angela
Delta wedding Welty, Eudora VMC
Underfoot in showbusiness Hanff, Helene AB
Q's legacy Hanff, Helene AB
Loving without tears Keane, Molly VMC
World of girls Auchmuanty, Rosemary NF
World of women Auchmuanty, Rosemary NF
Love me tender Feaver, Jane
Things I wish I'd known Green, Linda
Stacey's big secret Martin, Ann C
Sights unseen Gibson, Kaye VMC
Toys were us Whittaker, Nicholas NF
Claudia and the phantom phone calls Martin, Ann C
Kids cakes and party food Good Housekeeping NF
Family meal planner BBC Good Food NF
I will not serve Mahere, Evelyn VMC
Miss Jemima's Swiss Journey
What Katy did next Coolidge, Susan C RR
Borderlines Hospital, Janette Turner VMC
It so happens Ferguson, Patricia
New York, New York Martin, Ann C
The quickening maze Foulds, Adam
A single swallow Clare, Horation NF
Mary Anne saves the day Martin, Ann C
Fraulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther Arnim, Elizabeth von VMC
In my father's places Thomas, Aronwy AB
Dawn and the impossible three Martin, Ann C
A time in Rome Bowen, Elizabeth NF
A canary coloured cart Hardyment, Christina AB
Here come the bridesmaids Martin, Ann C
The captain's wife Lewis, Eilunedd
Hector and the search for happiness Lelord, Francois
Claudia and mean Janine Martin, Ann C RR
The matriarch Stein, GB VMC
California Girls Martin, Ann C
Belinda Broughton, Rhoda VMC
Logan likes Mary Anne Martin, Ann C RR
Letters from Lamhedra Williams, Marjorie NF
Mother of the bride Lawson, Kate
Babysitters summer holiday Martin, Ann C
Jasmine Farm Arnim, Elizabeth von
Babysitters on board Martin, Ann C
Divorced and deadly Cox, Josephine
Miss Matty Crompton, Richmal
Babysitters winter holiday Martin, Ann C


  1. Looking forward to seeing the journey your blog takes... Just so long as you keep blogging.

  2. 104 books! I am completely gobsmacked. Well done.

  3. WOW, that is a lot of books. And I am kind of jealous of all the BSC books - they are silly but I enjoyed them so much as a kid, and I expect they'd be very relaxing reads now.

  4. Wow! I wish I had the reading skills you evidently have. I think I managed 3 in the month of May. One of which was a play. Happy reading!!


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