Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Persephone Reading Week: Second World War themed quiz and giveaway

One of the books that we have to giveaway this week is Doreen, by Barbara Noble. Set in 1940, and exploring the issue of evacuation, this is an appropriate choice given that this September sees the 70th anniversary of the Blitz. So I’ve come up with a Second World War themed quiz for you to try your hands at. Here are 10 quiz questions, all relating in someway to Persephone books and the Second World War. If you get stuck, the Persephone bookshop website should offer some help!

1. Which is the most recently published Persephone book set during WW2?

2. Who wrote a cookery book in response to rationing published in 1940?

3. Which Persephone book has an endpaper taken from a 1940 silk scarf “London alert”?

4. Who comes home and finds it impossible to understand England in wartime?

5. Where were Mollie Panter-Downes wartime stories originally published?

6. Which Persephone diarist worked for a charity in Notting Hill Gate during the Second World War?

7. Having been too young to fight in the First World War, and too old to fight in the Second World War, which character from a Persephone book eventually plays a part in the Allies victory?

8. Which Persephone book tells the story of the disintegration of a family as a result of the Second World War?

9. Who wrote letters to her family during the war from Germany, which were never posted, but subsequently published to give an insight into daily life under a Nazi wartime regime?

10. Name one other Persephone book set during WW2 that hasn’t featured in the above questions.

Email your answers to me at verityDOTormeATgmailDOTcom and the winner will be randomly chosen after midnight on Sunday 9th May (London time) and announced next week. Good luck!


  1. This is going to be a fun diversion at work today!

  2. I do love this quiz although somewhat relieved that I was supplied with the answers!

  3. Great prize Verity, I already have - and loved - Doreen. My mum was an evacuee from the East End and it really brought back memories for her.


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