Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunday cake (and some hearts)

My OH has been away for most of the week - he's back this afternoon and here's what I've made to welcome him home - it's a cranberry, ginger and pecan loaf (from here) which I decorated with marzipan. Ostensibly a Christmas cake, it did lend itself rather well to being decorated like this.

BTW, I've been meaning to post a picture of my heart themed kitchen equipment for quite a while - here it is...we have ice cubes, many many cookie cutters, measuring spoons, a little silicon tin, two Le Creuset ramekins, silicon muffin cases, ice cubes, sprinkles, a set of four spoons and the mug which my OH gave me for my birthday!


  1. The cake looks lovely! I don't think I could bake quite that well. And I absolute adore your heart shaped baking utensils. I'd love to have them. Maybe I should write it down as a birthday gift idea?

  2. Such a beautiful cake! I always think of you when I see heart-shaped things in the shops knowing how much you love them.

  3. The Le Creuset ramekins are so beautiful. I've had my beady eye on them for a while...

    What a lovely looking cake!

  4. the cake looks great and what splendid utensils - just one question which will no doubt make me look really silly - what is your "OH"?

  5. Iris - this was all in the decoration, and it was surprisingly easy to do!

    Darlene - yes, I am a bit of a sucker!

    Tea Lady - they are lovely ramekins - I bought some for a wedding present and couldn't resist them for myself.

    Hannah - not a silly question - Other Half...

  6. Wow, that is such a lovely cake! I have those ramekin dishes too, it always cheers me up to make something in them!


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