Wednesday 5 May 2010

Persephone Reading Week: Roundup #5

We're nearly halfway through the week now and it's been great to see so many Persephone related posts. Claire brought us up to date yesterday with the fourth roundup, and here I am with number 5 and everything that's been posted since then!

Bibliophiliac announces that she plans to read The world that was ours this week - I especially look forward to hearing what she makes of it as it was certainly one of the most powerful books I read last year.

Joan from Flowers and stripes posts a reflective quote from Mariana here.

Donna has written a wonderful post inspired by To bed with Grand Music, thinking about the "grand music" with which Deborah took to the dance floor with a fabulous video clip of the Soft Shoe Shuffle. HJ Elliot reviews To bed with Grand Music here.

Buried in Print continues her Persephone wartime reading with a third post on the subject.

Katherine at A girl walks into a bookstore has written a post about one of the favourite Persephone authors, Dorothy Whipple. Do take a look!

Thomas at My Porch was excited to recieve his copy of the Persephone BiAnnually...which featured an extract from his review of The priory written last year.

Nymeth reviews Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary, which she describes as a book with "extraordinary emotional impact".

Sarah at What we have here is a failure to communicate has reviewed Cheerful weather at the wedding; she mentions that Strachey has another book, Man on the pier, which I have not come across, but would love to, although it seems sadly out of print and very expensive. Cheerful weather was also the choice of Claire at Captive Reader, who describes it as reading more like a play than a novel.

Mrs B at The Literary Stew has reviewed Fidelity - I'm sure that will add to Claire's desire to read it after she enjoyed Brook Evans at the start of the week!

And I've written about "My Persephone Reading Life", with a picture of my collection and trying to whittle out some of my favourites. Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Haha, you know me too well... I've thought of another way of sating my new-found Glaspell interest in the meantime.

    What a busy week we are hosting!

  2. This event is going to stretch beyond a week for me by the time I read everyone's review!

    I've given some thought to which Persephone is my favourite and its ended up feeling like choosing which child you love best! I don't think I can do it.

  3. I finished The Victorian Chaise-Longue and the review is scheduled for Friday. So many people are busy with Persephone.

  4. I am reading Marianna and so enjoying it so far!

  5. Thank you Verity! I'm up so late so I can read as much as possible of everyone else's great reviews before work in the morning! This is such fun!

  6. Persephones read so far this week are Hetty Dorval and Princes in the Land which immediately became one of my personal favorites. I am now in the midst of the wonderful Old Filth but since I have 3 days off this weekend I will probably squeeze in another Persephone. Bricks and Mortar, Farewell Leicester Square or Reuben Sachs - which should it be, Verity?

  7. Ellen - Bricks and mortar - see my reading life post!

  8. thanks for mentioning me! Here are two more posts: a review of The Young Pretenders:

    And an update on my current read here:


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