Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some new baking toys

I'm increasingly recognising the importance of good presentation to my baking; partly this is a result of reading wonderful cake decorating books, partly having watched Raymond Blanc's cookery series, and partly just trying a bit harder. It's not something I'm very good at, so I often rely on other things to help me! I couldn't resist a set of gorgeous mini silicon loaf tins the other day; I have never tried cooking with silicon before and these were such pretty colours.

I made two different recipes to try them out - firstly, a basic sponge recipe, which I flavoured with orange zest and sultanas and then covered with a thick orange icing...

Secondly, some dairy free flapjacks into which I mashed banana and stirred in some jam. Yum! I've now got oats back in my diet and am making up for lost time with flapjack consumption.
I didn't notice any difference to cooking with regular baking tins, aside from the fact that I didn't need to line them. My only quibble was the size - they were a bit on the big side for an individual portion. But they are rather pretty.

And, going back to presentation - I made some more apple flapjack the other week, and decided to press them into mini tart tins to make them look a little different...


  1. I have a silicon cup cakes tray and have found it wonderful and easy to bake with. It is not as pretty as these though!

  2. Yum! I have silicon cup cake trays too and I think they are fabulous. I have pink ones which suits me perfectly.

  3. I must flee directly to the kitchen to whip up some flapjacks! Thank you for stirring up a craving...pun intended. How lovely to have so many interests, Verity, and I love the name change as I'm also a fan of the cardi. Here's to another year of adventure in books, baking, friendships and whatever else strikes your fancy...you're lovely!

  4. What I love about blogs is that when someone writes, and others comment, about something being good you know it's good and not just advertising. I've been wondering about silicone baking for a while and this may be just what I needed to read.
    ps. Love the mini tart tin idea.

  5. Hannah - I have the individual silicon cases and they work well too.

    Vivienne - isn't it great to have pink baking accessories?!

    Darlene - yes indeed - I think my blog will be more about my interests and less about books in the next year or so...

    Joan - I don't think they are necessarily as good as the traditional ones, but sometimes I like something that looks good rather than is practical!


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