Monday, 24 August 2009

Persephone Reading Week: Verity's competition

Here's a bit of a challenge. The prize for this competition is a Persephone book, of course, but you won't find out which one until you've solved the puzzle, as the answer and the prize are the same.

What you need to do is to solve the clues below in order to spell out the title of one of the Persephone books...all of the information can be found on the Persephone website.

1. First letter of the number in the title by Judith Viorst.
2. First letter of new title by Dorothy Whipple out this autumn.
3. First letter of the surname of the main character in one of Susan Glaspell's books.
4. First letter of surname of one of the few male Persephone authors.
5. First letter of the title of a novel in verse about a group of English travellers in Italy.
6. First initial of author who also brought us books about Just William.
7. First letter of street on which main Persephone book-shop can be found.
8. First letter of third word in title by Joyce Grenfell's closest friend.
9. First letter of third word in Persephone title which was recently made into a successful film.
10. First letter of both words in a title which is 144p. long.
11. First letter of surname of author who is more famous for children's book about ballet.
12. First letter of surname of the author who wrote about an architect in the 1890s.
13. First letter of the surname of the individual written about in the only Persephone life thus far.
14. First letter of the surname of diarist whose life was interrupted.
15. First letter of christian name of the author who brought us a biography of the youngest person to be included in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography...
16. ...and the first letter of her surname.
17. First initial of writer who brought us the Provincial lady.

DON'T post the answer here - please email it to me at verityDOTormeATgmailDOTcom

Competition closes at midnight on Wednesday!


  1. oo that's interesting. Another quiz to get the brain cells working. :)

  2. This will probably take me a long while to answer, but I love a good challenge!

  3. Verity's is indeed a challenge; when she first wrote it she sent me a copy and I shamefully gave up despite knowing what the prize was!

  4. Nicely constructed! I've got it in both senses and can definitely recommend it!

  5. What a challenge! I'll come back later and try to work it out!

  6. I've e-mailed you the answer. It was fun working it out

  7. Thanks guys. Thanks for not giving it away Fleur. Have had the first answer. Will draw from all the correct answers that I receive.

  8. what a great (and pretty tough) quiz!

  9. Very tricky. Hope I answered correctly, have emailed in my answers as well.

  10. It was fun looking up the answers. I learned a lot about Persephone, being a new reader. I've emailed you, Verity, thanks!

  11. I really enjoyed this quiz, because it drew on my 5 year obsession - it made it seem almost useful!

  12. P.S. is question 9 supposed to read 'theme' or 'film'?

  13. Glad you're enjoying it everyone, and thanks for spotting the error Simon.


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