Friday, 28 August 2009

Persephone Reading Week :Round up

As the reading week draws to a close and I depart for the coast, it's time to mention some of the highlights for me personally.

Firstly, the huge number of people involved in reading Persephone books. I'd love to hazard a guess at how many grey spined volumes have been read this week, but it's impossible. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and for joining in!

Second, I got to meet Paperback Reader on Wednesday. We didn't get to the shop, but we met up in Foyles and spotted Persephone books and wanted to buy all the ones's that we didn't have. We were restrained however...

Thirdly, I loved the chance to really tackle a section of my to-be-read books, and move 5 volumes on! And to have such fantastic books - I've really enjoyed all that I've read this week. It is wonderful how one can read books from the same imprint on the trot and not be bored because they are so diverse. I think my particular favourite of the week was Bricks and Mortar (although I've still got Fortnight in September in my handbag for today!)

Some thank yous. Thank you to Paperback Reader who helped make this challenge so wonderful - I was planning to do this reading anyway this week, but she helped make it into a challenge, and has worked so hard this week on posts etc. And secondly, a big thank you to the Persephone bookshop who provided us with the fantastic prizes enabling us to do giveaways each day. And thanks to all of you for joining in!

I am now desperate to re-read a couple of books - mainly Saplings - but also to read the ones I didn't get to this week, and am so looking forward to seeing the books coming out in October! Who's up for another week in 2010??


  1. Verity, you've been so wonderful! Thanks so much for hosting! I will most definitely be reading along next year. In the time in between now and then, I hope to read a few more (well.. many more).

  2. Thank you for your work on this week!

    And I am amused by 'we were restrained' - sounds like security guards had to forcibly keep you from the shelve...

  3. Thank you, Verity; the sentiments are mutual and I hope you enjoy your holiday and A Fortnight in September!

  4. I would certainly love another Persephone Week. Thank you for everything.

  5. Yes, please, another Persephone Week :-) Thank you for all your efforts in making this a success! It's been absolutely wonderful!

  6. It has been such a fun week of posts, I literally would tear down the stairs each morning to read the latest reviews. A huge thank you to both you and Claire for all of your efforts! Definitely an enthusiastic vote for another round in 2010!

    Have a lovely trip away Verity, enjoy your books!

  7. Have really enjoyed the week and would another one next year. I've managed 3 and a bit Persephones - thanks for the advice to dip into Few Eggs and No Oranges rather than try to read the whole thing in one go. Of the Persephones I had I now only have Fortnight in September left to read so will be starting that on Tuesday - must catch up with some other reading over the weekend.Thank you both for organising such an interesting week.

  8. I agree, another Persephone Week can't come soon enough. It has been wonderful. Thank you both for hosting.

  9. And a big thank you to you! You and Claire did such a great job and it has been quite a memorable week. Yes to another week in 2010:)

  10. Hope you have a good holiday, you deserve it after all the work of organising this week. You and Claire have done a great job, I've never been so tempted by so many titles. The quality of reviews was stunning! At least now I know what to ask for when Christmas comes around.
    I'd love to join in if you had another Persephone week next year (please!). I'll start saving my pennies from NOW!

  11. You and Claire have done a wonderful job hosting the challenge! I can't wait to get home to my normal routine and read all of the wonderful posts and reviews. Next year, the vacation will have to be planned around Persephone week... so I can participate properly ;-)

  12. You and PBR have had a VERY busy week and I am only now able to catch up with all your posts and everyone elses reviews and comments on their Persephone reading this week. It certainly looked to be a great success. Congratulations!

    I have posted my review of Miss Buncle's Book here:

    Hope you have a lovely break away down the coast ...


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