Thursday, 27 August 2009

Persephone Reading Week : Every eye

Having read some quite hefty Persephone books this week I thought it was my turn to read something a little slimmer. Every eye by Isobel English fitted the bill, but although slight in number of pages, it was certainly a well written book. We had a review earlier in the week by HJ Elliot which Paperback reader quoted. I found it a little difficult to get into, as the story is told in the present and retrospectively, but it all comes together in the end to give a wonderful picture of the life of Hatty, a girl who is hampered by a squint, and who eventually ends up on her honeymoon after a miserable relationship with an elderly lover, and a childhood with her uncle and aunt.

I warmed to Hatty considerably after she is asked what books she likes:
" Still cautious but placated almost completely, I answered a little gruffly I remembered "I like good books", and then to illustrate the extent of my knowledge, I like Rider Haggard very much but I can't stand Jane Austen"

Another lovely Persephone to spend an hour or two with!


  1. Has anybody read Few Eggs and No Oranges. I have it on my to be read shelf but must admit to being rather daunted by the size.

  2. I read it a while ago, when I was doing my history degree, before it was published by Persephone. I did really enjoy it at the time - it gave a fantastic insight into the period. But I agree that the size is daunting - I have the P edition now and it is massive! But as it is diaries it would probably be ok to dip into?

  3. Every Eye does indeed sound lovely, which doesn't surprise me.

  4. I read Few Eggs No Oranges last year and found I really enjoyed it. I loved all the familiar place names and learning about what happened in those areas during the war.


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