Monday, 17 August 2009

Persephone Reading Week : Reminder

Just a quick reminder to get your Persephone books piled up and at the ready for next week's Persephone reading week. I haven't yet decided what I'm reading - I have about 12 to choose from that I haven't yet read, so I'll go with the flow, and how I'm feeling and what you're all reading. We've got lots of competitions lined up too, so I really hope you will join us in reading one Persephone book, or five...

I spent yesterday reading Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson. It's only a slim volume, but very enjoyable. The teenage Frankie, befriends Hetty Dorval, an older woman who has recently moved into the area, despite her parents disapproval. It is a while before we understand why. Hetty continues to come back into Frankie's life at intervals, and gradually Frankie loses her initial captivation, particularly once Hetty starts to jeopardise her own relationships.

This isn't one of the better known Persephone titles, but I would champion you to read it. Maybe it'll be on that you'll read next week...


  1. Ooh, Hetty Dorval sounds intriguing! It's not one that I have for next week but I'll keep it in mind for the future - so many great Persephones to choose from!

  2. It was good; I'd not heard anyone mention it before so was glad to give it a mention before the week starts!

  3. That's exactly what I'm hoping for, people to read a wide variety of the titles to help me choose future reads. There's always a comment or five about the most popular ones, let's hear about some others! Can't wait...

  4. I've posted over on Claire's blog, I've got three books ready for the week and am very excited about it.
    Question, are we meant to be putting up reviews on our own blogs and linking back to yours and Claire's? Or will there be a specific place to go to with reviews and comments?

  5. Reviews on your own blog, and links in the comments on either my or Claire's post at the start of the week :) Then people can see easily what's been posted and comment on your posts... We might post about them later in the week!

  6. I have a wee little pile and haven't decided which to read first yet. Too excited for the 24th to come. Thanks again for hosting.


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